Cecil County Public Schools

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Bids & Proposals

  • CCPS Bid #17-12: Stop Loss - Medical and Prescription

    CCPS Bid #17-10: Cecil Manor ES Roof Replacement Project

    • Bid is in the evaluation process

    CCPS Bid #17-09: LED Fixtures and Energy Rebates

    CCPS Bid #17-06: Student Transportation Services

    CCPS RFP #17-08: Employee Health Care Plan - HMO

    • Not Awarded Yet

    CCPS RFP #17-07: Employee Health Care Plan - Dental

    • Not Awarded Yet

    CCPS Bid #17-05: Asphalt Paving at G. W. Carver Center

    CCPS Bid #17-04: Food Related Products

     CCPS Bid #17-03: Fuel Oil, #2 Heating Oil

     CCPS PFP #17-01: Gilpin Elementary School - School Replacement School

     CCPS Bid #17-02: Custodial Cleaning Dilution System Chemicals