scienceScience/Geography Sites This site provides movies and pictures of volcanoes in the northwest and Hawaii. Also allows a look at the layers of the Earth and parts of a volcano. This site allows student to learn how NASA studies water cycles. It also studies land, air and natural hazards such as hurricanes. This site explains sound and how it is produced. This site is from National Geographic Kids Magazine. You can download stories and go to archived stories of the magazine. The children can download stories to read and videos to watch. It allows children to build stories by inserting a series of words in "Wild and Wacky". The program has a memory game similar to "Simon" with the continents of the world. This site provides a child's view of classes of animals, plants and insects. This is for young children. It supplies read to perform a task projects such as butterflies coming from a chrysalis. This site allows children to view three different classes of rocks and to discover how rocks are formed. This site allows teachers and parents to review skills from the FOSS kits and to ask questions about the topic. This site allows children to view information about our planet Earth, space crafts, astronauts, and the solar system. The children can participate in games and projects from this site. This site provides space science activities for children. There are projects for the children to complete. This site allows children to explore the new food pyramid and develop a balanced diet. This site allows students to work through an interactive site on insects and then take a quiz. This site allows the children to check on weather condictions around the country. It provides examples of several different weather maps.