*********************STOP THE ABUSE *********************

*It really sad that so many animals are abused around the world, and here are some story's of what is really going on.


*In 1993 two Texas adolecences thought that it would be "fun" to beat a horse to death with baseball bats.


*In New York a Dog owner in New York put his Cocker Spaniel Puppy in a burning gas oven because it wetted on his floor.


*In California a kitten is recovering after a cruel person shot it in the chest with an arrow.


*In Korea there are millions of people who eat dogs. What they do is they will obtain a dog, keep it for a household pet for a year. When the year is up they will tie a rope around its neck and they will hang it from a tree. This hanging is in no way humane, the hanging is designed to have the dog slowly strangle to death.The reason that they hang the dog is because they believe that the dogs meat will be more "tender."


*Another sad story about animal abuse is in some third world Countries cat meat is consider a delicacy. The cats are kept in cages much like you and I would see a lobster in the aquarium in a grocery store. Once the buyer selects the cat that he wants the owner of the shop will take the cat and put it in a boiling pot of water and stick the lid on top. The cat desperately tries to scratch its way put of the pot before its already decided death.


*One of the saddest stories of abuse that I have ever seen is the way that Greyhounds are treated after they can no longer race. With very little exceptions the Greyhounds are killed once they are no longer able to remain competitive on the race track. Some hidden cameras have recorded trainers clubbing there dogs to death, and many others are shot to death. Animal Rights groups have released pictures of dozens of piles of dead greyhounds after being killed. The saddest thing is that it is reported that over 60,000 Greyhounds are needlessly killed every year. To help you see clearer how cruel this is is the fact that these dogs were bred to be our Loyal companions, mans best friend but yet 60,000 of these dogs are killed EVERY YEAR.


* A women and her husband were walking there dog across the middle of there property when there dog came across an M-44 coyote trap set in the grass by federal agents. The dog died horribly of cyanide poisoning with her owners kneeling beside her in the mud.


Now I ask you to take these sad, sad stories into your heart and think about all of the animal abuse that goes on every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month and every year. I would also like you to take into consideration these facts when you go to take a pet you no longer want to the pound, or you go and watch a greyhound race. Just take into consideration that most of those greyhounds you see at that race or all of that animals that you see in cages at the pound, most of those animals will be killed or most of them will be adopted and then killed either by neglection or by abuse.



~If your waiting for tomorrow, why not save a pet today, for if tomorrow never comes, another pet~ ~will die today~

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Last updated on: 4/23/2003