Now that you have written your persuasive essay, you will create a HyperStudio presentation to accompany your speech. HyperStudio is a slideshow program that consists of separate screens called cards. Buttons can be made for the viewer to move between cards. When the cards are linked together, it's called a stack. Graphics, text, charts, video clips, and audio can be displayed on a card.

Step 1
Review the multimedia presentation example on page of your 8th grade The Language of Literature text. Notice how the student sample included a variety of visual and audio aids that were placed throughout his speech to emphasize and reinforce vital information on his topic.

Step 2
Think about key words, phrases, statistics, images (pictures/graphs), and sounds that would clearly elaborate and clarify your stand on your topic. Create a list of the visual aids for your presentation.

Step 3
Determine which visual/audio aids could be incorporated into a HyperStudio show.

Step 4
Review the Presentation Criteria for the HyperStudio Show. Notice the required elements including number of cards, buttons, information, etc...

Step 5
Using the HyperStudio Planning Sheet, begin to number and to design each of the cards in your stack.

Step 6
Refer back to the sample student multimedia presentation in your Language of Literature book. Notice how the student made notes on his speech of when he was going to present each visual aid. Using your HyperStudio Planning Sheet, identify where in your speech you plan to show each of the cards in your stack.

Step 7
Create your stack. For tips on using HyperStudio and creating a stack, review one of the HyperStudio tutorials. Tutorial #1 Tutorial #2

Step 8
Once your stack is created, word process your persuasive essay. Be sure to indicate where you will show each of your cards on your speech.