Topic WebSites

Use the links below to begin your research. You will probably need to search for other appropriate sites to answer all your questions. If you need help, ask your teacher.

Year Round School
Is It Just a Matter of Time?
Camp Gives Kids a World of Good
National Association for Year Round Education
Electronic References
Whiskers N Wags Rescue Team
Human Rights & Inalienability
Gun Control
Just Facts
Gun Control Facts
Gun Control Fact Sheet
Students, Uniforms & Dress Codes
Uniforms/Dress Code Quick Facts
Student Rights: Uniforms
Dress Code Tightens
Manual on School Uniforms
U.S. as the World's Policeman
World Policeman: If not Us, Who?
World's Policeman or Bully?
Free Music on the Web
Digital Rights Management Movement
Online Music Swapping
Human Cloning
Human Cloning
Latest Human Cloning News
Students selecting their own public school
About School Choice
Public School Choice
Meaningful Public School Choice
Genetic Engineering
Genetic Engineering News
Genetic Engineering and its Dangers
Music Censorship
Music Censorship
Censorhship on Television
Censorship of Television
Ratings vs Censorship
Tobacco Settlement
Tobacco Settlement from Phillip Morris
Stem Cell Research
Stem Cell Information
Stem Cell Research & Applications