Endangered Species Vocabulary

Some vocabulary words have been defined for you. You need to define all other words. This vocabulary will help you understand what you will read about your endangered animal. You will have a quiz on these new words on Day #3 of this project. Be Prepared!

1. Mortality is death to a large number of plants or animals.

2. A biome is one of the nine ecological areas of the world in which similar plant and animal species survive.

3. Poaching is when a person hunts, fishes, or harvests a plant or animal without permission, often by illegal means and usually for a profit.

4. habitat

5. extinction

6. conserve

7. gestation or gestation period

8. niche

9. endangered or endangered species

10. succession

11. adaptation

12. diversity

13. community

14. food web

15. competition

16. renewable resource

17. cycle

18. resource

19. food chain

20. ecosystem

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Last updated on Monday, July 18, 2005.