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Survival Handbook

Survival is not fun and games. It is not a television show where eliminated players return home safe and sound. It is serious business which can have deadly consequences for people not properly prepared.

Language arts students recently read a novel with a survival theme. Students will identify the situation that the main character had to survive. Students will select and research five questions that would help a person survive in that particular situation. (For example, finding and preparing food, building shelter, locating and purifying water, building a fire, appropriate clothing, safety/first aid, safe travel and rescue).

Essential Question : How can the character(s) in your novel be better prepared to survive in the event of a emergency or disaster or if lost in the wildness? camp fire

compassStudents are expected to use both print and digital resources. Select library books have been put on reserve in the school library. Below are some digital resources students might find useful.

Students are required to cite the book and digital resources. Use the Standard Bibliograpy Form (purple paper) found in the library.

Cold Weather Survival

Survival Kits

Edible Plants

Cold Weather Survival 2

Survival IQ

Edible Wild Plants

Cold Weather Survival Guide

Wilderness Survival Guide

Poisonous Plants

Winter Survival Skills

How to Build a Campfire

Signaling & Rescue

Wilderness Survival Guide

How to Read a Compass

Tropical Survival

How to Survive on a Desert Island

Survive a Bear Attack

Poisonous Plants

Coconut Tree Climbing

Natural Treatments for Insect Bites

Basic Wilderness First Aid

Desert Shelter, Food & FIre

Edible Plants

Finding Directions without a Compass

Desert Clothing & Health

Water Purification

How to Purify Water

Travel Tips

How to Light a Fire

Water Purification

How to Survive

Survival Medicine

Seashore Survival Dangers

Signaling for Help


Various Shelters

Rules if you are lost and alone in the wild

First Aid

Seashore Survival

Fires, Clothing, Shelter & Equipment

Food & Water

How to Build a Fire

Field Direction Finding

Water Purification





Grolier Online Encyclopedia
Look up. . . camping


palm tree

Try using Infotopia.info to search for other sites. Infotopia evaluates websites so you can be certain you will get the best sources. Use the keywords/synonyms and Boolean statements you created in the Plan section of your Survival Checklist.
OR Type:


survival and "first aid"
survival and fire
survival and clothing
survival and shelter
survival and food
survival and water
survival and "safe travel"
survival and rescue