The Research Cycle:
Step 3-Gathering Your Information

Try using these strategies to help you collect and note useful information.
*check the table of contents
*use the indexes of books
*check specialized reference sources
*use keywords, subject headings or Boolean logic when searching digital resources
*skim read the bold print, titles, subtitles, captions, etc.
*scan by looking for keywords in the text

Be sure to. . .
*take relevant and detailed notes that help answer your research questions
*note the source and page number where you found each fact
*write down all bibliographic information on your Source Card following the Standard Bibliography Form
*paraphrase to avoid plagiarism

Plagiarism is pretending someone else's work is your own. Even if you use as little as one sentence or more such as whole paragraphs it is plagiarism and it is unethical. Information from books, encyclopedias, periodicals, or internet sources must be restated in your own words. It is dishonest to submit a paper as your original work when you know you copied some or all of the work. Plagiarism is WRONG.

Now get started . . .

Work through the sources below to find information to answer the questions about your person. The answers to these questions are the foundation for the writing assignments described in the TASK. Record all information on note cards and source cards.

1. Start with an encyclopedia -- such as World Book Encyclopedia, Biography Encyclopedia or Grolier Online -- to get an overview of the life of your person.

2. Use the card catalog or OPAC -- Does the library have an individual biography or collective biography book about your person?

3. Search Proquest Junior, our magazine database, or SIRS Knowledge Source to find current articles and websites.

4. Search identified web sites listed below.

When searching web sites:

Check for Relevancy
Does the information anwer my questions or does it give me important new information to add to my questions?

Check for Authority
Do I recognize that author?
What are the author's qualifications to provide this information?
What organization, company, government or university supports this infomration?

Check for Currency
Is this information up to date?

Check for Objectivity
Does the information inform, persuade, or both?

SIRS Knowledge Source (journal articles and websites) Grolier Online Encyclopedia
Proquest Junior (magazine database) World Book Encyclopedia

Women's Biography Sites New York Women's Biography Hub
Distinguished Women of Past & Present Notable Kansas Women
Sports Biographies A Million Lives
Biographies of Suffragists Women in Sports
National Women's Hall of Fame Women in Sports 2
Civil War Biographies Women in Biography
First Ladies Gallery Gale's Women's Resources

Abigail Adams Jane Addams
Louisa Mae Alcott Marian Anderson
Maya Angelou Susan B. Anthony
Jane Austen Clara Barton
Catharine Beecher Mary McLeod Bethune
Shriley Temple Black Elizabeth Blackwell
Bonnie Blair Nellie Bly
Pearl S. Buck Susan Butcher
Rachel Carson Connie Chung
Nadia Comaneci Marie Curie
Diana, Princess of Wales Emily Dickinson
Mildred "Babe" Didrikson (Zaharias) Dorothea Dix
Jean Driscoll Amelia Earhart
Geraldine Ferraro Peggy Fleming
Dian Fossey Indira Ghandi
Jane Goodall Martha Graham
Angelina & Sarah Grimke Mia Hamm
Grace Hopper Anne Hutchinson
Mae Jemison Lady Bird Johnson
Barbara Jordan Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Helen Keller Billie Jean King
Coretta Scott King Mary Kingsley
Dorothea Lange Mary Leakey
Maya Lin Anne Sullivan Macy
Dolley Madison Wilma Mankiller
Margaret Mead Golda Meir
Maria Montessori Toni Morrison
Lucretia Mott Shirley Muldowney
Florence Nightingale Annie Oakley
Sandra Day O'Connor Georgia O'Keeffe
Jackie Kennedy Onassis Eva Peron
Molly Pitcher Beatrix Potter
"Ma" Rainey Nancy Reagan
Janet Reno Sally Ride
Eleanor Roosevelt Betsy Ross
Wilma Rudolph Sacajawea
Margaret Sanger Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Gloria Steinem Harriet Beecher Stowe
Marie Tallchief Mother Teresa
Margaret Thatcher Sojourner Truth
Harriet Tubman Barbara Walters
Phillis Wheatley Emma Willard
Oprah Winfrey Sarah Winnemucca
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