Dr. David Foye, Principal of Elkton High School

Principal, EHS
  • Our mission is to provide rigorous and relevent instruction in a safe, positive, and engaging learning environment that enables all students to be reflective and resilient life-long learners.

    About Dr. Foye:

    Dr. David B. Foye has been in the education field for 17 years, many of those years have been as a teacher and as an administrator at both the middle and high school levels. Dr. Foye received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Marshall University, and his Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Supervision from Loyola College in Maryland.  Dr. Foye earned his Doctorate Degree in Educational Innovation and Leadership from Wilmington University in Delaware. Dr. Foye is a graduate of Capital High School in the “Great” State of West Virginia. This school year marks the 1st year that Dr. Foye will serve as the principal of Elkton High School (EHS).

    To EHS Students:

    Welcome to the home of the Golden Elks!  

    It is with much enthusiasm that I welcome you to the new school year as a student at EHS.  As we get to know each other better through our daily interactions, I hope that you notice that we are “on your team.”  Being on your team means that we will assist, support, encourage, and defend you as a good teammate should. Subsequently, we will redirect you if a situation arises that prevents you from being successful.  

    For this coming school year, it is my goal that every student who graduates from Elkton High School has a plan to attend college, technical/training school, enlist in the military service, or join the world of work.  Therefore, one of our main focuses this coming year will be on how to prepare you for life after high school regardless of the grade that you are in. In order to obtain this goal, it will take a concerted effort from all of us working together and staying focused.  

    • As a student, it will take being an active participant in the learning process in class, which entails keeping up with assignments and doing your best.  It also includes meeting or exceeding standards on the PARCC assessments, which are graduation requirements.
    • As for the staff, it requires us to explain how and why the information we are sharing is applicable to your future during classes, individual conferences, and class meetings.  We also must provide and expose you to the options after high school so you can make a more informed decision on what to do after high school.

    Another main point of emphasis for this school year will be for students to progress to the next grade level with earning more than the minimum credits required to be promoted.  By earning more than the minimum credits, students will be set up for future success as it pertains to their schedule, four year graduation plan, and senior year classes. In order to achieve this goal, again, it will take a great deal of effort from everyone.  There is no doubt that we will rise to meet this challenge. There is no challenge too large for a dedicated hardworking student who has a “can do” attitude.  Luckily, Elkton High School has an abundance of students who can be described this way.

    In sum, I urge you to push beyond the minimum expectations that others may shoot for and aspire for higher aspirations that lead to excellence.   

    #Make it happen      #Letsgo      #Weareelkton

    To EHS Parents/Guardians:

    Welcome to the home of the Golden Elks!  

    We are excited for the start of a new school year and look forward to meeting you at school functions and events.  This year we have some changes in regards to staffing, which includes new members to our administrative team. Our administration is led by Dr. David B. Foye, Principal, and Assistant Principals Mr. Jim Leitgeb, Mrs. Kim Williams, and Mr. Erick Brown.  We also have some new faces throughout the building and in classrooms who we are excited to have join our Elkton family.

    This school year, our plan is to keep you involved and informed on the various activities that our students are a part of during and after school.  We have found students excel more when their parents/guardians are aware of their educational progress. Therefore, we will utilize all forms of communication (i.e. social media, ConnectEd calls, letters, and emails) in an effort to broaden our ways to get you prompt information.  Another place where information will be posted is on the school-website. Please be sure to check it for upcoming events that are happening in and around the school.

    Additionally, we want to express that your input and suggestions are always welcome. We are building a school community, where everyone is working together to give the students at EHS the best education and learning experience possible.  In order to achieve this endeavor, we must continue to have goal alignment between school and home in regards to meeting and exceeding a high expectation for academic achievement. It will take a school community approach to help prepare our students to be college and career ready.   

    Yours very truly,

    Dr. David B. Foye


Mrs. Kimberly Williams, Assistant Principal

Kim Williams, AP

Ms. Maria Cannavo, Bookkeeper

Ms.Maria Cannavo, Principal's Secretary

Mr. James Leitgeb, Assistant Principal

Mr. Jim Leitgeb

Ms. Jennifer Telep, Office Assistant

Jennifer Telep

Ms. Nicole Wright, General Assistant

General Assistant

Mr. Erick Brown, Assistant Principal

Officer Roland

Ms. Jo Keatley, Lead Secretary

Ms. Jo Keatley, Lead Secretary