• Rising Sun Elementary School would like to offer you the opportunity to help save paper! You now have the opportunity to receive most communications via e-mail. We will continue to send paper copies of forms home that require signature; however, informational items can now be transmitted electronically. In addition, we will continue making automated calls for announcements, such as school closures and special events, although we try to keep these to a minimum. 

    Be assured that we respect the privacy of each individual. If you choose to receive communication via e-mail, your address will not show up for everyone to see. You will receive an email that has been blind copied to you.  The e-mail will usually be addressed to Lee Jones, our Secretary, or Mrs. Cynthia Fitzpatrick, our Principal.

    Examples of what may be sent via email only: 

    • Newsletters, flyers, information from PTA.

    Example of what we may send as hardcopy to take home: 

    • Field trip permission slips, meeting/conference requests, discipline forms.

    Please note that only those individuals verified to be on the emergency contact list for the student(s) listed below are eligible for this e-mail distribution.

    Parent E-Mail Form

    **You may print this form, then sign and return anytime after school begins. Electronic copies will not be accepted.