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    CCPS STEM Academy

    Students are accepted into the STEM Academy at the end of their freshman year of high school.  For students to be able to apply to the STEM Academy, they must be enrolled in Honors Geometry and/or Honors Algebra II and Honors Biology.  To be admitted to the STEM Academy, students must have successfully completed the following courses prior to entering their sophomore year of high school:
    • Honors Geometry and/or Honors Algebra II
    • Honors Biology
    • Introduction to Engineering Design

    The STEM Academy requirements are:

    • 6 Math credits (AP course and/or college course required)
    • 5 Science credits (Honors Chemistry, Honors Physics, AP course and/or college course required)
    • Completion of the Capstone Project in the Honors Research and Design Capstone Course

    This is a challenging program for students planning to enter college to prepare for careers in mathematics, science, technology, and engineering.  The courses are designed to challenge students with integrated technologies and extensive problem solving. 

    The culmination of the program is the Capstone Project which is completed during the junior and/or senior year.  This is the final requirement of the STEM Program and the student undertakes an independent research project, while being paired with a STEM mentor, who is a scientist, engineer, or mathematician.  Projects are presented each spring at the STEM Gallery Walk.
    For more information about the program or the application process, please contact:
    Frank Cardo - Program Coordinator for Science/STEM
    Christine Zatalava - STEM Instructional Coach