Student Services

  • The Department of Student Services' mission is to support student learning by advocating for a school climate where all students can be successful. Student Services will provide direct and indirect individual, school, family, and community services to foster student success by collaborating with others, promoting interventions, and prevention strategies.

     Under the direction of Mr. John Roush, Student Services incorporates a variety of support services for students and families.These services vary and can positively impact a student in multiple ways. These services include Pupil Personnel, School Counseling/Guidance Services, Health Services, and Alternative Educational Programs. The services provided are listed below. You may click on any of the items to receive additional information.

  • Pupil Personnel and Student Services Resource Teachers - Pupil Personnel Workers/Student Services Resource Teachers serve the needs of students attending Cecil County Public Schools. Pupil Personnel Workers/Student Services Resource Teachers act as facilitators and problem solvers to assist students in meeting with success. Pupil Personnel Workers/Student Services Resource Teachers advocate for students and families by networking with appropriate school personnel and community agencies to initiate positive change. Pupil Personnel Workers/Student Services Resource Teachers monitor student attendance and initiate interventions to help improve attendance. Pupil Personnel Workers/Student Services Resource Teachers also investigate cases involving out-of-district requests, residency, and custody issues.  Pupil Personnel Workers/Student Services Resource Teachers are knowledgeable of the services and resources provided by the local school system and community agencies.

  • School Counselors- The school counselor's role is  to help students focus on academic, personal/social, and career development so they achieve success in school and are prepared to lead fulfilling lives as responsible members of society. Counselors achieve this through a variety of contacts with students throughout their academic career. Counselors provide access to academic success strategies, intervention services, behavior supports, crisis intervention, career information, and guidance on the college application process including scholarships. Additional Guidance Services include: PBIS, Service Learning, and Crisis Counseling Team activities.

  • Health Services - Cecil County Public Schools believes that healthy children are successful learners. School nurses bridge the gap between health, wellness, and learning by using evidence-based practice to provide a comprehensive health services program designed to identify and reduce students' health related barriers to learning. The school nurse is a vital member of the school team that leads change to advance health and collaborates with school staff members, parents, and community members to keep students safe at school and healthy to learn.