Guidance Services

  • Under the direction of Ms. Christie Edelson, Coordinator of Guidance Services, the role of the school counselor is to ensure that all students (PreK-12) regardless of individual differences acquire the career, academic, and personal/social competencies needed to access options and opportunities upon graduation in order to become successful, productive contributors to society.

    The CCPS Comprehensive School Counseling Department provides a framework to service ALL students in the personal/social, academic, and career domains.  This program is driven by four key components:

    Classroom Guidance:  Academic, Career, Personal/Social, and Personal Safety

    Responsive Services: CPS Investigations, Crisis Response, Lethality, Threat Assessment, Bullying Reports, Consultation

    Systems Support: SST, 504, School Behavior Initiatives (PBIS, CHAMPS, Character Education, etc.), ICAB, RtI, IEP, CERT, Mentors, Volunteers, Peer Mediation, Outside Agency Consultation

    Individual/Group Counseling: Individuals, Student Referral, Parent Referral, Various Targeted Small Groups