Ms. Melissa Keys



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Melissa Keys

Gifted and Talented Coach




Katherine Hess-Art (M, TH, F)

Kyle McFadden-Band

Jaclyn Quattrochi-Integrated Arts (T)

Bridget Cook-Media

Stephanie Stabley-Music (M, T, W, TH-PM)

Kristen Marchiani-Physical Education/Integrated Arts

Allison Dant-Physical Education (F)

Kirsten Fitzsimmons-Strings

Related Services and Infant & Toddler Program

Mark TurekAT/AAC Specialist

Sian Crosby-Speech

Terrence Murgallis-Speech (M,T,W) All Day (TH,F) PM

Lisa Baker-Speech-I/T

Celeste Hauf-Speech-I/T

Kathy Graham-Speech-I/T

Samantha Manwiller-Speech-I/T

Lauren Neely-Occupational Therapist & I/T

Marcy Bradley-Physical Therapist & I/T

Diana Shaffer-Physical Therapist

Samantha Darden-Infants and Toddlers

Lisa Shields-Infants and Toddlers

Janine Fabian-Infants and Toddlers

Sue Snyder-Consultant Adapted PE