• Don't pay for scholarships!

    You are likely to come across services that will charge you a fee for doing scholarship searches.  You are likely to find all of the same scholarships yourself if you take the time to do a search.

    Good Information about Scholarships

  • If you are planning on attending Cecil College, it is important that you enroll in time to apply for the Cecil College Scholarships by April!

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  • Do you want senatorial or delegate scholarships and you're wondering who are your representatives?  Go here to find out!

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  • If you are planning on attending a college in the state of Maryland, it is important that you complete MDCAPS registration.  This allows you to obtain state funding from sources such as Delegate and Senatorial Scholarships as well as for grants.

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  • Wells Fargo - Wells Fargo has a variety of online resources to help you budget and understand what options you have to pay for college.