• All Coaches who do not hold a teaching certificate must become Credentialed Coaches.

    To accomplish this, all coaches that do not hold a teaching certificate must:

    • Complete the One-Credit Course in the Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries.

    • Complete the online Concussion and Heat Acclimation courses through NFHSLearn.ORG

    • Possess an MPSSAA/MSDE Coach Certification, which means completion of the NFHS Level 1 Coaching Certification or MSDE Approved In-Service Coaching Education Program prior to the start of his or her fourth year as a coach. This certification consists of two (2) online courses: “Fundamentals of Coaching” and a “Sports Specific” course. Please check with your Athletic Director for which course you should choose.

  • Directions for taking the NFHS Online Courses:

    Go to http://nfhslearn.com/
    Register or Sign-In
    Click “Courses” on the top toolbar and from the drop down list; choose “Fundamentals of Coaching” or “Sport-Specific Courses” and then choose your sport. If your sport is not listed, you can just pick one that is available.
    Click on “Purchase Now”
    Choose the option “I am purchasing a course for myself” and “Continue”
    Choose “Maryland” from the drop down list and click “Save”
    Continue “Checkout” and enter your credit card information. There will be a link on your receipt that you click to take the courses.

    Congratulations! After successful completion of each course, you will be able to print out a Certificate of Completion.  Please remember to submit a copy of your certificate to the Athletics Department to be kept on file.