School Safety

  • Bay View Elementary is committed to keeping all students, staff, and families safe. There are number of measures that are taken to ensure that student safety remains a priority throughout the school year. We accomplish this goal through a number of activities:

    • We have a fully developed Crisis Response Plan and participate in ongoing safety training with staff and students.
    • We regularly practice safety drills to ensure that we are compliant with our procedures and policies.
    • We maintain security throughout the building using proximity locked doors and ensuring that all visitors wear ID badges.
    • We utilize a locked entry system to ensure that all guests sign-in upon arrival.

    Throughout the year, we regularly use and practice two emergency codes. These codes are outlined below so that you are aware of the protocol used in the event of an emergency drill.

    Code Yellow – Proceed with caution Staff – Lock all doors, move to safe area, and await further instructions. Students – Follow teacher’s instructions on where to go and what to do.

    Code Red – Stop what you are doing and follow “lockdown” procedures Staff – Bring all students into classrooms/safe areas, account for all students. Students – Go to the nearest classroom.

    If at any time you have a question about a safety/security procedure, please feel free to contact school administration form more information. Also, please regularly review these procedures and discuss them with your children. Your awareness of these procedures will be a great comfort to your children as they utilize these procedures.

    Please review these procedures with your children!