Cecil County Public Schools

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Overview and Mission

Who We Are

  • We are a group of interested members of the community who are in the process of forming a fine arts advocacy group in cooperation with Cecil College, the Cecil County Arts Council, and the Cecil County Board of Education.

Why This Effort Is Crucial

  • The arts are a vital part of a community's experience and well-being.

    Research shows that people who have a strong awareness and involvement in the arts:

    • Have better self-esteem, self-understanding, and understanding of others
    • Develop their creativity
    • Have enhanced reading, writing, and math skills
    • Are more engaged and persistent
    • Are better prepared for their jobs and are more competent in their chosen careers
    • Gain abilities to use higher-order thinking
    • When they are students, outperform their non-arts peers on Scholastic Assessment Tests
    • Have a reservoir of joy and wonder

    Research also shows that communities which have a strong awareness and involvement in the arts:

    • Are vibrant, lively places in which to live
    • Have sense of community pride
    • Are attractive to visitors and economically dynamic
    • Foster diversity
    • Have a shared sense of community purpose and identity

How To Make This A Reality

  • We are aware of the strong support parents and others already have shown for arts programs in our schools. We are now asking you to join us to help promote arts education in the county. Many possibilities exist and together we can create a voice for growth and new programs.

    If you are interested and want to get involved, please contact:

    ArtsReach - Dept. of Fine Arts
    Cecil County Board of Education
    201 Booth Street
    Elkton, MD 21921-5694
    (410) 996-5424

How Can I Help?

    • Creating Arts Liaisons within the Community
    • Creating Networks
    • Donating Your Time and Talents
    • Helping to Develop Grants and Scholarships
    • Investigating Current Research in Arts Education
    • Lobbying for Funding in Support of the Arts
    • Organizing Volunteers
    • Supporting and Promoting a Speakers Bureau
    • Working on Publicity