Child Find Program

  • The Child Find Program is provided by the Cecil County Public Schools to identify children with disabilities who are not presently being servedChildfind in the public schools.

    Special education instruction and related services are available for children with special needs from birth to age 21.

    Emphasis is placed on locating children with disabilities at a young age so that early intervention services can be provided.

    Screening and evaluation and any additional services are available at no cost.

    Online Child Find Referral Form: Click Here.

Special Needs/Skills Addressed

  • Special needs may be in the areas of:

    • Behavior
    • Health
    • Hearing
    • Vision

    Or involve skills in:

    • Adaptive or self-help
    • Cognitive or learning
    • Fine or gross motor
    • Social and emotional
    • Speech/Language

Information & Resources

  • For more information about the Child Find Program or to make a referral please call 410-996-5444.

    Please share this information with your relatives, friends, and neighbors. It is important that parents of young children are aware of the availability of services before school enrollment age.


    Childfind Brochure - English

    Childfind Brochure - Spanish