• CCPS Goals, Vision, & Values

    GOALS of the Cecil County Public School System

    Goal 1: All students will meet or exceed high academic standards.

    Goal 2: All students will learn in safe, secure, and inviting environments.

    Goal 3: All students will benefit from effective and efficient support and services provided by a learning organization.


    CORE Values

    The Cecil County Public Schools will operate as a principled organization, demonstrating the following CORE VALUES:


    The pursuit of excellence requires that we:

    • Set high goals and hold ourselves accountable for their attainment
    • Seek continuous improvement in all that we do
    • Take pride in achieving established goals
    • Celebrate our successes
    • Dedicate ourselves to meeting the needs of our community

    Safety and Wellness

    We will promote and protect the well being of students and employees as we:

    • Provide a safe, secure, and healthy environment
    • Assume responsibility for our own health and safety
    • Participate in activities that promote personal health, safety, and wellness
    • Provide the support systems that promote job satisfaction and success for our employees
    • Recognize that our employees are driven by the pride they take in a job well done and show that we value the commitment


    To exemplify personal and organizational ethical behavior, we will:

    • Model our Vision and Core Values
    • Do what is right, equitable, and honest
    • Take responsibility for our own actions and decisions
    • Maintain confidentiality of information entrusted to us


    As an organization dedicated to learning and growth, we will:

    • Engage in continuous professional growth and development
    • Value and reward creativity, innovation, and risk taking
    • Set goals and use data to evaluate goal attainment


    To demonstrate our personal and organizational flexibility, we will:

    • Be open to new ideas
    • Adapt to changing conditions in our schools and community
    • Take well-considered risks
    • Embrace new best practices in our programs and efforts


    We will work in a collaborative environment in which we will:

    • Be open, trusting, honest, and timely in our communication
    • Engage others in the decision making process
    • Acknowledge and appreciate diversity
    • Nurture and mentor one another
    • Value and respect the contributions of all



    Vision of CCPS

    The Cecil County Public School System is a diverse learning community where all stakeholders are respected and valued and contribute to an excellent education program in an ever-changing global society.

    Students are caring citizens who take responsibility to demonstrate the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to excel academically and to be prepared for future challenges.

    Teachers and Staff understand their primary responsibility is the success of all students. They collaborate in the creation, development, implementation, and assessment of an excellent Pre-Kindergarten through graduation learning experience. They share in decisions that have significant impact on the school and community in the cognitive, affective, physical, and social domains.

    Parents and Other Citizens provide a nurturing environment that supports student learning. They actively participate in the decision-making process and contribute time and resources that assist in fulfilling the mission of the school.

    The School Organization is flexible and designed to meet the complexities of life in the twenty-first century. The school is a vital part of the community and is used to further the ongoing education of all citizens.

    School Administrators are instructional leaders who manage the school environment and use their expertise to facilitate learning and continuous improvement.

    Central Office Support Personnel provide leadership, resources, and services to schools and departments to promote the accomplishment of the vision.