• Cecil County Public Schools (CCPS) has deployed a Self Service Portal to assist its users with changing their passwords and restoring forgotten passwords.  To access the Self Service Portal, you must use an internet browser.  Note: It is HIGHLY recommended to perform these steps while at work. While this can be done at home, several steps can't be completed from home and must be done in a CCPS building. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari are recommended, that being said, most browsers should be supported.  You can access the Self Service Portal by typing into your browser’s address bar.  A page similar to the one below should be displayed.

    To login to the Self Service Portal type your CCPS username and password into the respective fields, then click on the Login button.  Below is an example of the login credentials that should be used when accessing webmail:

    Username: Your CCPS email address prefix (i.e.,

    Password: Your current eight (8) character alpha numeric password 


    • Changing A Password & Enrolling
    • Changing A Password
    • Recover a Forgotten Password
    • Having Difficulty?

    The first scenario covers changing your password and enrolling into the Self Service portal.  Keep in mind you will only be required to enroll the first time.  The second scenario covers changing your password and the third scenario recovering a forgotten password. 

    Scenario 1 – Changing A Password & Enrolling

    1. After entering your temporary password.  The following will be displayed, click on the “Click Here” link to proceed with the enrollment process.

    2. You will then be prompted to select answer three security questions.  Below is an example of the page that should be displayed.  After completing the questionnaire, simply click the “Enroll” button.
    3. You have now successfully enrolled into the Self Service Portal.  Should you forget your password, this will enable you to reset your password.

    Scenario 2 – Changing A Password
    1. Visit the Self Service Portal by typing into your browser’s address bar.

    2. Enter your old password and then enter a new alpha numeric password with a minimum of eight (8) characters and then a second time confirming your new password.

    3. After entering the aforementioned information you should receive a message, similar to the one below stating your password has been changed successfully.

    Scenario 3 – Recover A Forgotten Password
    1. Visit the Self Service Portal by typing into your browser’s address bar.
    2. Click on the “Reset Password” link and enter your username in the “Domain User Name field. 

    3. You’ll be prompted to answer the three security questions you answered the first time you enrolled (examples below), along with entering the letters displayed in the security image.  When finished, click on continue.

    4. You will now be required to enter a new alpha-numeric password a minimum of eight (8) characters in length, as well as entering the text in the security image.  When finished click the “Reset Password” button.

    5. Upon successfully resetting your password the following message will be displayed.
    Scenario 4 – Having Difficulty?

    If you're still having difficulty changing your password, try these first:
    1. Review the FAQ page on this site for ideas and suggestions.
    2. Talk with your building TUST representative or department supervisor, first. Chances are, they've had to do this, too.
    3. Call Technology Services at ext. 5425 and request follow-up assistance.