What if I can't remember my password?
    Visit the Instructions page on this site to help reset your password.
    What things are impacted by changing my password?
    Primarily, this will affect your connection to wireless networks and the password you use to access certain applications. Your passwords to the Payroll ESS, Blackboard are NOT affected by this change. Here are some things to review:
    • Wireless settings:
      • Elementary and Middle Schools have open wireless, so your laptop and personal devices will be unaffected.
      • High Schools, Carver Center and Administrative Services Center require you to log in with your network account. You should remove and reconnect to the "CCPS-Wifi​" network on your laptop and personal devices by using your new password.
    • ​Laptops:
      • ​PC Laptops will hold your old account information until you ​log off and log back on with your new password. Before you log off, change your wireless settings to use your new password (see above). If you have trouble, plug your laptop into a network wall jack and try logging in again.
      • ​Apple MacBooks have local accounts, so the password you use to log on to your MacBook will not change.
    • Apple Desktops:
      • On Apple Desktops users should go into their Home Folder -> Library Folder -> Keychain Folder and throw away the keychain files.  Restart the computer, then log in and empty the trash.
    • Affected Applications - Recall your network password is also used for...
      • Google, 
      • Google Drive sync utility, 
      • PowerSchool,
      • CCPS Website
    • Mac users have to change their Keychain credentials to be able to print to copiers. See the FAQ question "Q. I recently changed my CCPS password and now I can no longer print on my Apple laptop, what do I do?" on the Copiers and Printers Resource Site here https://sites.google.com/a/ccps.org/copiers-and-printers-resource-site/faqs.
    Why do we have to change our passwords?
    CCPS is a data warehouse, housing personally identifiable information for thousands of employees and retirees and tens of thousands of student records. As a security measure, changing your password is the easiest thing to do to prevent your account from being compromised.
    What if I don't change my password? 
    Our organization relies on information and we work very hard to provide solutions that enhance learning, but we are also accountable to those that entrust us with their private information. By not changing your password, you contribute to the risk of putting that trust in jeopardy. We will give a very short grace period for employees to change their password, then we will deactivate accounts for those who do not change their passwords.
    How often will this process occur? 
    Minimally, we want employees to change passwords 2-3 times per school year.
    Does everyone have to change their password?
    For employees, yes. At this time, students do not have to change their password. But when we decide that students need to participate, we will give clear guidance and plenty of warning.
    What else do I need to do to help keep information safe and secure?
    Please remember that CCPS TSO Staff will never ask for your username and password via email. If you receive unsolicited email asking for usernames and passwords, please ask your local TUST rep, Technology Technician or Building Administration about legitimacy before responding. ​
    If you have questions or concerns, 
    ​please direct them to your local TUST rep
    What if I still have difficulty?
    Start with your building TUST representative. They can help confirm if you need further assistance. Once you have enrolled with security questions and changed your password, you should be able to recover your password without assistance.
    How do I remember my password?
    Unfortunately, only you can remember your password. Start with this: longer passwords give more flexibility and easier to recall. The shorter the password, the more complexity must be required, thus the harder it is to remember. So try using combinations of longer words (8+ characters) that mean something to you, specifically. If you grew up on 1313 Mockingbird Lane, you like vacationing in Rehoboth and have love Italian sports cars, then wouldn't "Mockingbird1313RehobothBugattiVeyron" be easier to remember than "Ih8PwdChanges!"? The next time you change your password, rearrange the words and change the numbers & symbols and you've given yourself a better chance of remembering your password.
    Now for a list of "Don'ts":
    • Don't use "Remember My Password" feature in browsers.
    • Don't write it on stickies or in notebooks.
    • Don't save it electronically in a spreadsheet, notes, or task list.
    • Don't email it to yourself.
    • Don't share your password with others.