Purchasing Department

  • Mission:
    Procurement transactions will be conducted utilizing best business practices in accordance with the Board of Education policy, state, and federal regulations. Materials, equipment and services will be purchased based on the best possible cost, quality and delivery from vendors participating in our competitive procurement process with sensitivity to the desire of the Board to deal with local businesses when possible.

    The Superintendent of schools (the Superintendent) or designee is authorized to purchase on behalf of the Board of Education of Cecil County (the Board) when formal bidding procedures are not required by law, and when budget appropriations are adequate to cover such obligations. The Assistant Purchasing, as the primary designee of the Superintendent, is responsible for administering this regulation.

    All contractual agreements between the Board and any supplier must be made by formal purchase order, agreement, or contract specifying the terms and conditions and signed by the Superintendent or designee and the corporate official of the supplier.

    The Purchasing Department is located at the Board of Education's central office:

    Cecil County Public Schools
    George Washington Carver Education Leadership Center
    201 Booth Street, Elkton, MD 21921-5684
    Phone: 410-996-5429 / Fax: 410-996-5137

    Purchasing Staff:

    Ms. Denise Sopa, Managing Director of Business Services

    Mr. Richard Raulie, CPPO, C.P.M., Assistant in Purchasing & MBE Liaison

    Ms. Kadriea Porter, Purchasing Specialist

    Ms. Daniela Dunlap, Purchasing Secretary

    Purchasing Dept. Group E-mail: procurement@ccps.org

    Areas of Procurement Responsibility for Department Staff