Developmental Domains

  • Learning Domains Explained

    Below is a detailed explanation of the learning domains used in the Maryland Model for School Readiness.

     Sample Questions to Determine School Readiness by Domain

    • Social/ Emotional Development: Does your child get along with others? Follow rules? Start an activity, work on it, and finish it?
    • Physical Development: Does your child run, jump, climb, play ball? Button a shirt? Zip a jacket? Use scissors? Trace? Draw? Use good health and safety skills?
    • Language & Literacy: Does your child talk and listen to adults and to other children? Speak clearly? Understand stories? Love books? Know some letters and numbers?
    • Mathematical Thinking: Does your child sort things by color and shape? Can he or she count?
    • Scientific Thinking: Does your child explore? Look, listen, touch, smell, and taste to get information? Talk about how things are alike or different?
    • Social Studies: Does your child talk about himself or herself, the family and the community? Talk about how people are similar and different?
    • The Arts: Does your child dance? Draw? Paint? Sing? Make music? Play make-believe?