Social Studies

  • Social studies is the study of people and how they live (long ago, today, and in the future). It involves jobs, transportation, housing, inventions, and events. It is about how people are affected by their surroundings. Let your child talk about him/herself. Talk about family and how the people in the child’s life are related. Your child should know about the neighborhood (places and people). Take him/her for walks and talk about what you see or where you go. The more places you take your child and the more things you see, the bigger your child’s world will be.  

    Social Studies Development Support

    Important Skills for School Readiness 

    • Understand how people live today and in the past
    • Talking about people from different cultures and backgrounds
    • Know how people work, solve problems, and get along within the community
    • Talk about self, family members, the neighborhood and community

    Social Studies Development Activities 

    • All About Me – an activity for 3-4 year-olds - used to help a child learn about themselves and others using a mirror, paper, yarn, a hole puncher, child scissors, and multicultural skin tone crayons.
    • Map Making - an activity for 3-4 year-olds - used to help a child learn about their community and surroundings using paper, markers, blocks, and a map of the Baltimore Zoo.
    • Let’s Play a Game - an activity for 3-4 year-olds - used to help a child understand the need for rules using the board game “Memory”, markers, construction paper, and tape.
    • People in My World - an activity for 3-4 year-olds - used to show a child that tools can be used to see and learn differently using the book “Who Will I Be?” by James Levin, a notepad, marker, apron, plastic fire hat, play money, and a play stethoscope.
    • Where is Baby? – an activity for 0-2 year-olds - used to help a child begin to recognize themselves and name their body parts, using a mirror.