Driver Info and Classes

  • 2021-2022 Training Schedule

    *All Meetings are Held at CCPS Administrative Services Center (ASC) Unless Otherwise Noted*

    This schedule is subject to change. School makeup sessions will be released as soon as possible 



    SPED In-Service  


    Driver CORE  
    Oct 27-28 2021 9:00-3:00
    Nov 17-18 2021 9:00-3:00
    Jan. 12-13 2022 9:00-3:00
    Feb. 23-24 2022 9:00-3:00
    Mar. 9-10 2022 9:00-3:00
    Apr. 6-7 2022 9:00-3:00
    May 18-19 2022 9:00-3:00
    June 1-2 2022 9:00-3:00


    Nov. 4, 2021 9:00-2:00
    Jan. 20,2022 9:00-2:00
    Mar. 24, 2022 9:00-2:00
    May 5, 2022 9:00-2:00


    First Aid/CPR  
    Jan. 27-28 2022 10:00-1:00
    Apr. 12-13 2022 10:00-1:00


    Defensive Driving  
    Feb. 8,9,10 2022 10:00-1:00
    May 10,11,12 2022 10:00-1:00

    SPED Core: Required 1 day class with 4.5 hours of classroom and hands on instruction. COMAR requires a minimum of 2 hours, CCPS requires a minimum of 4 hours. This training is required for any driver or assistant before they can be on one of our lift buses.

    Core: This is a 2 day comprehensive class required for any new driver. In this class we focus on COMAR requirements and CCPS policies and procedures. Each instructional day is 6 hours. Instruction includes rules, regulations and requirements for being a school bus driver in Cecil County. COMAR minimum is 8 hours of classroom instruction.

    Defensive Driving: This is a 3 day class required by CCPS for all drivers within the first 6 months of certification. The class consists of 8 hours of classroom instruction which includes the basic principles of defensive driving.

    First Aid/CPR: This is a 2 day class consisting of 8 hours of instruction. First Aid is required by COMAR  and CPR is required by CCPS. Instruction is hands on training in basic first aid, CPR and AED.

    -CPR is Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

    -AED is automated external defibrillator

    In-service: Required by COMAR. Drivers must get 6 hours of continuing education a year, if SPED certified a driver is required to have 8 hours per year. For Assistants - only required to have 2 hours per year. Must attend to stay certified.

    In-service Makeup: For drivers and assistants who did not fulfill their required in-service hours for the year.



    The Code of Maryland Regulations, often referred to as COMAR, is the official compilation of all administrative regulations issued by agencies of the state of Maryland.