Community/After School

  • Athletics and Athletic Directors - CCPS offers a wide range of athletic opportunities for high school students. There are various state and local regulations that are available on the CCPS website. Athletic directors supervise all athletic events, coordinate officials, acquire transportation and communicate with opposing teams. Clear communication between administrators and athletic directors is crucial for the program to be successful.

    Clubs/Student Groups - Student clubs may be established at the request of students provided a certified school employee supervises the club and meetings. Religious/political organizations may be approved; however, any certified school employee must serve in a non-participatory capacity and does not endorse, direct, nor take an active part in organizing meetings.

    Community Use Regulation - Any agency that wishes to use CCPS buildings or grounds must submit a request through the CCPS Community Building Use Schedule. Large school-related events should be entered into CCPS Community Building Use so the public knows the facility is not available.

    Fine Arts - CCPS encourages students to participate in fine arts opportunities available to them.

    PTO/PTA/Booster Club

    Sporting Events Supervision - It is the expectation that an administrator be available at events occurring immediately after school. At any event where there is a gate for admissions or evening events administrators are expected to be present at the event. Administrators should be on site until all students are off of the property after the event.

    Student Organizations