Student Services

  • The information contained in this section of the site provides direction related to student discipline, attendance/enrollment, student service teams, counseling and other supports that directly benefit students.


    The following procedures should be used when students are videotaped for any purpose beyond the scope of Cecil County Public Schools (e.g., as part of a project for a graduate class, as part of a submission for National Board Certification, etc.):

    • Permission slips must be obtained from the parents of all students impacted;
    • Parents must be provided with "full disclosure" regarding how/when the tape will be used;
    • Strict confidentiality regarding the last names of students as well as the name of the school/school district must be maintained at all times.

    Under no circumstances should a student (even with parental permission) be videotaped to document a perceived disability or behavior disorder. Students should never be videotaped when they are in the midst of a behavioral crisis. Written documentation of an event when a child must be restrained is sufficient documentation for IEP and 504 purposes.

    • Counseling Program - The Crisis Counseling Team serves to assist school administration and staff in working through situations which are beyond the resources of the school involving individuals and groups such as deaths, suicides, and traumatic incidents. Information about the program is available here.
    • Crisis Team Manual
    • Bullying Brochure - CCPS has a Bullying Reporting Form and an accompanying investigation form. The bullying reporting form and the CCPS brochure on bullying are available here.
      • Reporting form
    • Bullying Investigation Form - Completing bullying reporting and investigation forms must be stored in the Safe Schools Binder at the school and a copy should be sent to student services.
    • Parent/Student Reporting Form
    • School Investigation Form
    • DSS Reporting Form
    • FERPA Form
    • Guidance - School counselors are available to support students both proactively through guidance lessons and in response to student concerns. Information about the school counselors and the programs offered can be found here.
    • PBIS - Each school has a Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) team. Each team creates and implements an action plan each year. Information related to PBIS is available here.
    • Risk to Self Harm/Threat Assessment - When a student makes a threat against themselves or others (i.e. threats or threat of suicide), a school counselor or administrator must complete either a Risk of Self-Harm assessment of an Initial Threat Inquiry. These forms are available here.
    Student Services Team (SST)
    • MTTS (Multi-Tiered Systems) - Multi-Tiered Systems of Support is a comprehensive approach to student support. There are three Tiers of support. The process and associated guidelines can be found on this site.
    • 504's - 504 plans are created as a result of a multi-disciplinary team meeting. The procedures for 504 referrals, eligibility, and accommodation plans are available here.
    • SSP's (Student Success Plans) A student success plan is a Cecil County Public Schools plan that provides for student accommodations. Information about Student Service Plans is included in the MTSS handbook and all of the forms are available at this link
    • Eligibility Guidelines - Eligibility guidelines and enrollment procedures for Cecil County Public Schools are outlined here.
    • Registration - Forms required for student registration are included on the CCPS website associated with eligibility. They can be found here.
    • Home and Hospital - Instruction for students who are ill and under a physician's care can be provided through the Home and Hospital Teaching Program. Students can receive six hours of instruction a week. Information related to this program is available here
    • Transition and Matriculation: Planning for a successful transition is an important process that requires cooperation between the sending and receiving schools. Within PowerSchool, there is a transition report that can assist receiving schools with identified the names of incoming students as well as current academic data. Schools teams must coordinate to plan visits and orientation events to ensure a successful transition for students. Parents are essential partners in this process.
    • Confidentiality: The Students Rights and Responsibilities handbook includes a section on “Right to Confidentiality--FERPA” (p. 7). This outlines a student’s right to confidentiality and the associated forms. The Rights and Responsibilities handbook is linked here.
    Pupil Personnel Worker (PPW) /Student Support Resource Teacher

    Under the direction of Mr. Kyle Longeway, Coordinator of Student Services, the Pupil Personnel Workers serve the needs of students attending Cecil County Public Schools. Pupil Personnel Workers act as facilitators and problem solvers to assist students in meeting with success. Pupil Personnel Workers advocate for students and families by networking with appropriate school personnel and community agencies to initiate positive change. Pupil Personnel Workers monitor student attendance and initiate interventions to help improve attendance. Pupil Personnel Workers also investigate cases involving out-of-district requests, residency, and custody issues. Pupil Personnel Workers are knowledgeable of the services and resources provided by the local school system and community agencies. Pupil Personnel Workers act as liaisons with these agencies and help to coordinate the exchange of needed information.

    Cecil County Public Schools has four Pupil Personnel Workers who are divided by grade level throughout Cecil County. Their assignments are as follows: PPW Assignment by Building

    Student Discipline
    • PAM Process - Alternative Placement: Students can be placed in an Alternative Placement only as a result of a disciplinary hearing or as a product of a Program Assistance Meeting (PAM). The PAM Process is described on this site.
    • Referral to Superintendent - A disciplinary hearing is held as a result of a referral to the Office of the Superintendent. The referral cover sheet for the Referral to the Superintendent is available here
    • Rights and Responsibility Handbook - Rights and Responsibilities” The Student Rights and Responsibilities document is a comprehensive reference of policies and procedures that address the expectations of students in Cecil County Public Schools. This document is published to students at the beginning of each year. You can find the document here
    • Twilight - The Twilight School is designed to allow students the opportunity to avoid and/or reduce an out-of-school suspension, and to receive academic services that the student would have otherwise forfeited during the out-of-school suspension. In addition, students can also receive additional academic assistance. Participation in the Twilight School will be determined by the school administration. The Twilight School will be staffed by three certified teachers, at least one of whom will be a special education teacher. Students will be subject to school rules while on school property. The expectation is Twilight will be covered by an Administrator.