The following procedures should be used when students are videotaped for any purpose beyond the scope of Cecil County Public Schools (e.g., as part of a project for a graduate class, as part of a submission for National Board Certification, etc.):

    • Permission slips must be obtained from the parents of all students impacted;
    • Parents must be provided with "full disclosure" regarding how/when the tape will be used;
    • Strict confidentiality regarding the last names of students as well as the name of the school/school district must be maintained at all times.

    Under no circumstances should a student (even with parental permission) be videotaped to document a perceived disability or behavior disorder. Students should never be videotaped when they are in the midst of a behavioral crisis. Written documentation of an event when a child must be restrained is sufficient documentation for IEP and 504 purposes.

    Technology Work Orders

    Work Orders for technology are to be input by your TUST Rep.

    • Notify your school’s TUST Rep(s) of technology issues/concerns
    • TUST Rep(s) will submit work order that will be addressed by the CCPS Technology Department
      • Each school building has an assigned technician responsible for completing the work orders. Because these individuals are valuable resources, building administrators need to know who this individual is.
      • Each building has one or two TUST Reps. They are responsible for updating the technology equipment on the school’s inventory and troubleshooting technology problems prior to placing a technology work order.
    Purchasing Technology
      • While technology to support students and staff is a necessity, Administrators should be thoughtful and prudent in placing orders. Many items that need to be purchased can be done so in conjunction with the school’s TUST Rep(s), using funds from the “Info Tech” school-based supplies fund. For larger orders such as Smartboard Boards, Chromebooks/Chrome Carts, etc., Administrators should coordinate ordering efforts with Wally Willis or Wes Zimmerman. Usually, in the Spring and in the Fall, these orders are taken district-wide to assure best pricing options.
      • Those items under $500 do not need to be barcoded unless they have been deemed a “sensitive” item.
      • Those items over $500 are required to be barcoded and become part of the school’s fixed asset inventory.
      • If an order is going to be placed that exceeds $15,000, the school must follow the bidding process that has been established by the county’s Purchasing Department.

    The preferred protocol that will provide better service and reduce the amount of time the user has to wait before they get assistance. Please follow this process when handling password reset issues locally:

    1. Direct the user to the Password Self-Service site here Password Reset
      • They will have to use a computer with someone already logged onto the computer,
      • They should use the RESET PASSWORD link at the top of the page,
      • If they enrolled with security questions as directed last year, they can recover their account themselves and reset their own password.
    • If the user still has difficulty, they can call Pam Bailey or Lyle Granger directly in the Tech Office at extension 5425
      • The user will be asked if they used the self-service site to attempt to change their password,
      • Then if they need assistance, Pam or Lyle can help them to change their password.
    • PowerSchool Questions - Rick Ortiz or James Smith
      • Questions concerning PowerSchool Data, how to generate specific reports, or any other general questions concerning PowerSchool should be directed to Rick Ortiz or James Smith
    • Importance of PowerSchool data:
      • Who enters:
        • Discipline logs - Admins
        • MIR’s - assigned by Principal at the building level
        • Grades - teachers - at least one per 10 school days
        • Comments for interim and report card grades - teachers
        • Attendance - teachers for students each class period and daily attendance in first period class each day
        • Student attendance notes - attendance secretary
        • Student Enrollments - Guidance Secretaries
        • Scheduling - guidance staff
      • PowerSchool Reports
        • Most Used Reports to run in PowerSchool - located under the “Systems Reports” tab
        • Total Attendance - monitor number of excused and Unexcused student absences, number of tardies, number of parent notes written for a specific student each marking period.
        • Discipline Log - A list of student discipline incidents by selected term/school.
        • Discipline Summary MSDE - Displays all Suspension data in PowerSchool for the selected term.
        • Discipline Suspension to Absence - Report Shows the Days of Suspension compared to the Days of Absence
        • Graduation Status Report - to check on Student Test Scores, figure out which students need to retake a state assessment or complete a bridge plan, also can be used to calculate graduation rates for cohorts, list of student’s first year in Ninth Grade
        • There many valuable Grading reports under the “CCPS Grading Reports” in the “System Reports” tab in PowerSchool.
          • D/F Report from Gradebook - lists students currently with a D+, D, or F pulled live from the teacher grade books
          • All Grades Report - lists grades that students have earned in a marking period for a course, pulled from Historical Grades