Strategic Planning

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    In August 2018, Cecil County Public Schools began work on a strategic plan. By constructing a new strategic plan as a community, we will plot a course and set the priorities for CCPS for the next four years. In this strategic planning process, we will be: confirming our vision, values, and mission; establishing our priorities; and articulating strategies for aligning our work with those priorities.

    This time of transition in CCPS provides for us an opportunity to reflect on our past successes and challenges while strategically planning for our future goals, ensuring that our vision continues to align with our system’s guiding principles.

    Goals for the Strategic Planning process are:

    • To create an actionable 4-year strategic plan
    • To build shared understanding of the vision, values and priorities of CCPS
    • To align our resources, programs, and initiatives to our priorities, with a focus on student achievement
    • To incorporate input from multiple stakeholders – both internal and external

    Interested in opportunities for stakeholder involvement? Fill out this brief form to receive information when opportunities to participate are scheduled.

    For more information, contact the CCPS Public Information Office or 410-996-5474

CCPS Strategic Plan
  • Members:
    Dr. Jeffrey Lawson, Superintendent of Schools
    Ms. Dawn Branch, President, Board of Education of Cecil County
    Dr. Carolyn Teigland, Associate Superintendent for Education Services
    Dr. Joseph Buckley,  Associate Superintendent for Administrative Services
    Ms. Lisa Lowe, Principal, North East Elementary School
    Ms. Erin Lewan, Teacher, Perryville High School
    Mr. Ryan North, Parent, Elkton Area Feeder 
    Mr. Michael McSheehan, Consultant