Blackboard Communicate : Parent Password Change

  • How do I change my password for my Blackboard Communicate Parent account password?

    Step 1:
    Open your web browser then load the CCPS Blackboard Communicate website

    Bb Communicate Login


    Step 2:
    Click on the Account button across the top of your Blackboard Communicate toolbar

    Bb Comm Parent Password Reset


    Step 3:
    Once you click on the Account button you will get a popup menu with your Account Info shown by default. You will get a list of the contact information brought over from you PowerSchool Parent account.

    Bb Comm Parent Password Change


    Step 4:
    Click on the Edit: Login/Password button

    Bb Communicate Password reset


    Step 5: 
    Edit Login/Password popup menu will allow you to create a New Password. Once you add the New Password click Save.

    Bb Comm Password Reset