Central Office Personnel

Last Name First Name Phone Title E-mail
Abbey Jeannie 410-996-5080 Pk-12 Esol jdabbey@ccps.org
Alfaro Carly 410-996-5401 ext: 50710 Psychologist caalfaro@ccps.org
Alfree Mae 410-996-5555 Director Of Human Resources malfree@ccps.org
Anderson Paul 410-996-5034 Construction Field Inspector panderson@ccps.org
Armour Candace 410-287-4656 Central Office Secretary carmour@ccps.org
Asplen Rhonda 410-996-5401 ext: 50217 Instructional Coordinator, Professional Development: Secondary Languag rlasplen@ccps.org
Ayers Jennifer 410-996-5401 ext: 50402 Instructional Coordinator, Special Education jlayers@ccps.org
Barczewski Mark 410-996-5464 Pk-12 Instructional Coach mbarczewski@ccps.org
Bates James 410-996-6257 Technology Technician jtbates@ccps.org
Bean Sharon 410-287-4653 ext: 51801 Administrative Secretary sbean@ccps.org
Beck Michele 410-658-5925 Pk-12 Esol mmbeck@ccps.org
Berg Marie 410-996-5634 Pk-05 Instructional Coach mberg@ccps.org
Bitel Sarah 410-996-5464 9-12 Instructional Coach skbitel@ccps.org
Broomell Wayne 410-996-6251 Network Technician wbroomell@ccps.org
Brown Derick 410-996-5401 ext: 50601 Web Application Technician dbrown@ccps.org
Brown Margaret 410-996-5401 ext: 50302 Assistant For Office Professionals margaretbrown@ccps.org
Brown Mark 410-996-5401 ext: 50817 Head Custodian mkbrown@ccps.org
Buckley Robert 410-996-5440 Associate Superintendent, Administration Services rbuckley@ccps.org
Butler Crystal 410-996-5401 ext: 50058 Nij Grant Assistant cabutler@ccps.org
Cannon Sean 410-996-5440 Executive Director, Staff Relations & Human Resources scannon@ccps.org
Cardo Francis 410-996-5401 ext: 50204 Program Coordinator, Science And Stem fcardo@ccps.org
Carter Erin 410-996-5464 9-12 Learning For Independence elcarter@ccps.org
Catalano Melissa Psychologist Intern mmcatalano@ccps.org
Chadwick Gabriel 410-996-5401 ext: 50206 Executive Secretary gchadwick@ccps.org
Cicchini Paul Psychologist pacicchini@ccps.org
Cissel Derrick 410-996-6251 Network Services Manager dcissel@ccps.org
Cooper Erin Psychologist edcooper@ccps.org
Cooper Morgan 410-996-5464 6-12 Instructional Coach mbcooper@ccps.org
Crouse Briane 410-996-5401 ext: 50303 Assistant In Human Resources bmcrouse@ccps.org
Curran Andrew 410-287-4653 Assistant In Safety awcurran@ccps.org
Deitch Kenneth Custodian kadeitch@ccps.org
Dill Amy 410-996-5401 ext: 50244 Central Office Secretary adill@ccps.org
Diraddo James 410-996-5401 ext: 50716 Supervising School Psychologist jddiraddo@ccps.org
Dixon Casey 410-996-5401 ext: 50208 Executive Secretary cjdixon@ccps.org
Drennen Jennifer Central Office Secretary jdrennen@ccps.org
Dunlap Daniela 410-996-5429 Administrative Secretary ddunlap@ccps.org
Dyar David 410-996-5401 ext: 51652 Technology Services Manager dsdyar@ccps.org
Edelson Christie Restorative Practices Practitioner cedelson@ccps.org
Eichinger-Wilson Sherry 410-996-5634 Pk-05 Instructional Coach sleichinger-wilson@ccps.org
Evangelista Manuel 410-287-4669 Central Office Secretary mevangelista@ccps.org
Evans David Custodian dmevans@ccps.org
Ewing Wilmer 410-287-4653 Manager Of Facilities wewing@ccps.org
Fanning Nona 410-996-5497 Executive Secretary nfanning@ccps.org
Farr Sarah 410-996-5450 Director, Special Education sjfarr@ccps.org
Feeney Mandy 410-996-5401 ext: 50211 Program Coordinator, Early Child Education mfeeney@ccps.org
Fell Michael 410-996-5401 ext: 50212 Instructional Coordinator, Secondary Mathematics mfell@ccps.org
Fincham Brenda 410-996-5450 Administrative Secretary cfincham@ccps.org
Gellrich Anne 410-996-5056 Executive Director, Secondary School Education agellrich@ccps.org
Gilbert Alexandra 410-996-5401 ext: 50708 Supervising School Psychologist argilbert@ccps.org
Gilbert Stephanie 410-996-5401 ext: 50406 Instructional Coordinator, Special Education slgilbert@ccps.org
Gill Devon 410-996-5401 ext: 50704 Psychologist Provisional 190 djgill@ccps.org
Givens Charles 443-945-7895 Pk-12 Student Services Resource Teacher chgivens@ccps.org
Graham David 410-996-6257 Assistant In Food And Nutrition djgraham@ccps.org
Granger Lyle 410-996-6251 Network Technician lgranger@ccps.org
Groff Ramona 410-996-5634� Pk-12 Instructional Coach mgroff@ccps.org
Hammer Jennifer Executive Director, Elementary School Education jhammer@ccps.org
Harris Janeen 443-206-5968 Pk-12 Student Services Resource Teacher jmharris@ccps.org
Harris Mary Ann 410-996-5401 ext: 50304 Receptionist maharris@ccps.org
Harris Sean Custodian scharris@ccps.org
Hastings David 410-996-5401 ext: 50216 Program Coordinator For Fine Arts dhastings@ccps.org
Heckert Scott 410-996-6257� Supervisor Of Food And Nutrition gsheckert@ccps.org
Henry Alyssa Psychologist 209 aahenry@ccps.org
Hodge John 410-287-4656 Bus Driver Instructor jfhodge@ccps.org
Hodgson Summer 410-996-5401 ext: 50305 Certification And Hris Manager slhodgson@ccps.org
Howell Troy 410-996-5401 ext: 51654 Technology Technician tchowell@ccps.org
Ide William 410-996-5401 ext: 50218 Instructional Coordinator, Assessment, Accountability, And Title I bide@ccps.org
Jack Sandy 410-996-5497 Chief Financial Officer sjack@ccps.org
James Barbara 410-996-5464 Pk-12 Instructional Coach For Special Education Literacy bjames@ccps.org
Jester Daniel 410-287-4656 Transportation Specialist djester@ccps.org
Kaur Harpreet 410-658-5535 Pk-12 Esol hkaur@ccps.org
Keeton Kelly 410-996-5474 Public Information Officer kkeeton@ccps.org
Kerns Gail General Assistant Spec Ed gekerns@ccps.org
Kilchenstein Stephanie 410-996-5634 6-8 Instructional Coach skilchenstein@ccps.org
Kilroy Dana 410-996-5401 ext: 50705 Psychologist dlkilroy@ccps.org
Knoll Whitney 410-287-4656 Bus Driver Instructor wtknoll@ccps.org
Knopf Amanda 410-275-1000 Pk-12 Esol asknopf@ccps.org
Krasman Heather 410-996-5634 Pk-12 Instructional Coach hkrasman@ccps.org
Kubek Jessica 410-996-5401 ext: 50223 Instructional Coordinator, Elementary Mathematics jakubek@ccps.org
Lagola Lorie 410-996-5401 ext: 50602 Technology Technician lalagola@ccps.org
Langer Reba 410-996-5401 ext: 50603 System Analyst rglanger@ccps.org
Lawson Jeffrey 410-996-5499 Superintendent Of Schools jalawson@ccps.org
Lehr Kristen 410-996-5401 ext: 50407 Pk-12 Special Ed Instructional Coach kblehr@ccps.org
Leitgeb James Acting Program Coordinator For Health Education, Pe, & Inters jaleitgeb@ccps.org
Lewis Susan 410-996-5401 ext: 50703 Psychologist smlewis@ccps.org
Longeway Kyle 410-996-5490 Coordinator Of Student Services klongeway@ccps.org
Lum Enid 410-996-5634 Pk-12 Esol Instructional Coach elum@ccps.org
Maffei Scott 410-996-6251 Network Technician smaffei@ccps.org
Malone Andrea 410-996-5401 ext: 50306 Administrative Secretary amalone@ccps.org
Mccanick Tulia 410-996-5401 ext: 51704 Custodian tmccanick@ccps.org
Mclaughlin Diane 410-996-5060 Pk-12 Esol dmmclaughlin@ccps.org
Mester Sarah 410-996-5401 ext: 50410 Pk-12 Building Coord samester@ccps.org
Miller Rebecca 410-996-5401 ext: 50409 Coordinator Of Behavior/mental Health Services rmiller@ccps.org
Miotla Nicole Accounting Clerk V nmiotla@ccps.org
Molesworth Kelly 410-996-5401 ext: 51656 Technology Technician kmolesworth@ccps.org
Montgomery Dara 410-996-5490 Central Office Secretary dlmontgomery@ccps.org
Moore Kay 410-996-5401 ext: 50707 Psychologist kpmoore@ccps.org
Moore Wade Head Custodian wmoore@ccps.org
Morgan Rosemary 410-996-5401 ext: 50308 Administrative Secretary rmmorgan@ccps.org
Muller Dawn 410-996-5401 ext: 50715 Psychologist dmmuller@ccps.org
Nacrelli Cathy 410-996-5401 ext: 50227 Instructional Coordinator, Professional Development: Elementary Langua cnacrelli@ccps.org
Nolan Timothy 443-206-0465 Pk-12 Student Services Resource Teacher tjnolan@ccps.org
Norman Stephanie 410-996-5401 ext: 50509 Assistant In Nursing Services slnorman@ccps.org
Olson Eric 410-996-5034 Construction Field Inspector ewolson@ccps.org
Olson Kathleen 410-996-5401 ext: 50228 Executive Secretary kolson@ccps.org
Orr Berkeley 410-996-5401 ext: 50510 Program Supervisor For Student Services borr@ccps.org
Orr Elizabeth 410-996-5499 Assistant In Administration To The Superintendent And Board Of Educati lorr@ccps.org
Ortiz Rick 410-996-5401 ext: 50604 Manager Of Applications/ Database rortiz@ccps.org
Oyler Tammi 410-996-5490 Pk-12 Drug Prevention And Education toyler@ccps.org
Parr Nicole 410-996-5401 ext: 50229 Program Coordinator, Career & Technology nmparr@ccps.org
Patterson Miriam 410-996-5401 ext: 51657 Technology Technician mpatterson@ccps.org
Paylor Keith 410-287-4653 Assistant In Facilities kjpaylor@ccps.org
Perkins Deanna 410-287-4656 Transportation Specialist dfperkins@ccps.org
Perkins Dylon Office Assistant dmperkins@ccps.org
Pinter Ashley Psychologist aepinter@ccps.org
Porter Kadriea 410-996-5429 Purchasing Specialist klporter@ccps.org
Powlison Paul 410-996-5401 ext: 50605 Application Developer pspowlison@ccps.org
Preston Crystal 410-996-5434 Admin Secretary cpreston@ccps.org
Purnell Molly 410-996-6257 Administrative Secretary mpurnell@ccps.org
Quinn Ginny 410-996-5401 ext: 50231 Central Office Secretary gquinn@ccps.org
Ramadan Heather 410-996-5450 Administrative Secretary hmramadan@ccps.org
Raulie Richard 410-996-5429 Assistant In Purchasing rgraulie@ccps.org
Reyes Miguel Psychologist mreyes@ccps.org
Rickansrud Kyle 410-996-5401 ext: 50606 Director, Technology Services krickansrud@ccps.org
Rimel Brian 410-287-4653 Assistant In Operations brimel@ccps.org
Roberts Robin 410-996-5401 ext: 50018 Central Office Secretary Iv rroberts@ccps.org
Roche Utopia Technology Technician ulroche@ccps.org
Roush John 410-996-5490 Director Of Student And School Safety jroush@ccps.org
Rowe Traci 410-287-4653� Administrative Secretary trowe@ccps.org
Russell Britney 410-996-5634 Pk-12 Instructional Coach For Mathematics birussell@ccps.org
Sakers Lisa 410-996-5497 Accountant llsakers@ccps.org
Saulsbury Victoria 410-996-5464 Restorative Practices Practitioner vsaulsbury@ccps.org
Scarino George Technology Technician gnscarino@ccps.org
Schuch Kelsey 410-996-5464 Pk-12 Behavior Coach klschuch@ccps.org
Seato Erynn 410-996-5497 Assistant In Business Services eeseato@ccps.org
Sewell Sheila 410-996-6250 Receptionist smsewell@ccps.org
Seymour Natalia 410-996-5464 Pk-12 Esol nmseymour@ccps.org
Simon Gillian 410-996-5401 ext: 50702 Supervising School Psychologist gsimon@ccps.org
Simpers Charles 410-996-5034 Supervisor Of School Construction ccsimpers@ccps.org
Smith Gary 410-996-5498 ext: 165 Custodian gcsmith@ccps.org
Smith James 410-996-5401 ext: 50607 Application Developer jsmith@ccps.org
Smith M. Doreen 410-996-5401 ext: 50233 Central Office Secretary mdsmith@ccps.org
Smith Michele 410-996-5050 Pk-12 Esol masmith@ccps.org
Sopa Denise 410-996-5497 Managing Director Of Business Services dsopa@ccps.org
Spangler Holly Pupil Personnel Worker hspangler@ccps.org
Strickler Michele 410-996-5090 Pk-12 Esol mstrickler@ccps.org
Sudzina Geoffrey 410-996-6257� Assistant In Food And Nutrition ggsudzina@ccps.org
Swank Christopher 410-287-4653� Manager Of Facilities cjswank@ccps.org
Teigland Carolyn 410-996-5464 Associate Superintendent, Education Services cteigland@ccps.org
Thomas Catherine Administrative Secretary cthomas@ccps.org
Thomason Jason Pk-12 Drug Prevention And Education jrthomason@ccps.org
Thompson Mariana 410-996-5000 Pk-12 Esol mpthompson@ccps.org
Thompson Mariana 410-996-5000 Teacher 190 mpthompson@ccps.org
Thompson Sharon 410-287-4653 Assistant In Operations smthompson@ccps.org
Thompson Susan 410-287-4656 Administrative Secretary slthompson@ccps.org
Tulowitzky Gregg 410-287-4656 Supervisor Of Transportation gktulowitzky@ccps.org
Tunnell Christina 410-996-5497 Payroll Accountant ctunnell@ccps.org
Van Emburgh Kristine Psychologist Intern kmvanemburgh@ccps.org
Vandyke Jamie 410-996-6257 Accounting Clerk jvandyke@ccps.org
Vandyke Thomas 410-287-4653 Supervisor Of Facilities tvandyke@ccps.org
Walsh Emily Psychologist Intern NULL
Waltz Jason 410-996-5401 ext: 51658 Technology Technician jewaltz@ccps.org
Watkins Teresa 410-996-5401 ext: 50012 Executive Secretary tmwatkins@ccps.org
Webster Christine 410-996-5401 ext: 50416 Instructional Coach 190 clwebster@ccps.org
Webster Christine 410-996-5401 ext: 50416 Pk-12 Instructional Coach clwebster@ccps.org
Wells Becky 410-996-5497 Assistant In Business Services rcwells@ccps.org
Wiecek Megan 443-206-5897 Pk-12 Student Services Resource Teacher mlwiecek@ccps.org
Wilcoxon Elizabeth 410-996-5040 Pk-12 Esol emwilcoxon@ccps.org
Willis Perry 410-996-5440 Executive Director, Support Services pwillis@ccps.org
Wills Wallace 410.996.5401 ext: 50608 Supervisor Of Technology Services wwills@ccps.org
Yellowdy Kesha 410-996-5017 Accounting Clerk kyellowdy@ccps.org
Zahn Gretchen 410-996-5490 Pk-12 Student Services Resource Teacher gzahn@ccps.org
Zatalava Christine 410-996-5634� Pk-12 Instructional Coach cmzatalava@ccps.org
Zimmer James 410-996-5401 ext: 50241 Instructional Coordinator, Social Studies jzimmer@ccps.org
Zimmerman Joanna 410-996-5415 Manager Of Human Resources jkzimmerman@ccps.org
Zimmerman Wesley 410-996-5401 ext: 50209 Director Of Education Services wzimmerman@ccps.org
Zino-Seergae Tammy 410-996-5401 ext: 50242 Instructional Coordinator, World Languages And Esol tzino-seergae@ccps.org