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  • What are the attendance expectations?

    Students will be expected to attend and engage in school both virtually and/or in person. Optimally, students should participate in classes when they are held synchronously. If students cannot meet with their teacher and class, they will be required to participate asynchronously. Students will also have asynchronous assignments. Student attendance when attending virtually will be determined by participation in the activities for each class a student is scheduled to take. Student attendance when attending face-to-face will be determined by the student's presence or absence on that day.

    When will a student be marked absent?


    All students who are face to face are expected to attend in-person each day.  If a student is ill they may attend virtually and be marked present if hybrid instruction is available in their child’s classroom.  Parents should notify the school if their child will be absent.

    Students who are absent because they do not meet COVID-19 screening protocols or are quarantined due to COVID-19 may attend school virtually until they meet the medical requirements to return to face-to-face learning. Virtual learning attendance standards will apply. 

    Requests for modifying in-person attendance to less than four days a week will be considered if there is a documented medical need on the part of the student or a demonstrated need for support on the part of the family such as child care. Students who have a previously documented need will not need further documentation. Any student who has not provided a doctor’s note indicating the need for a modified week will be required to submit documentation from a doctor or physician’s assistant. Requests should be submitted in writing to the principal who will forward the request to the student services department for approval.


    On virtual days, students will be marked absent if they are not present virtually during class. If the student watches the class asynchronously and does the assignments within 48 hours, the student attendance will be changed to "present."

    What if a child cannot get online during the school day?

    Lessons will be available through recordings and other online resources.  Students in grades 3-12 have access to email so that they can ask questions of their teachers.  The teachers will respond to these questions during their duty day.


  • Student attendance during virtual learning has been included in the official CCPS student attendance policy and regulation linked below.

    Attendance Policy JED  

    Attendance Regulation JED-RA

    What are the highlights?

    • Completion of Google Classroom activities, Schoology course work, in-person, or virtual meetings with a service provider, or completion of assigned classwork provided by the teacher, are various methods of engagement that will meet the attendance expectation.
    • The lack of engagement during traditional school hours should not be a determining factor in noting whether or not a student is present or absent for the day.