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  • Where can I find the latest safety information from CCPS?

    Our Safety Protocols page includes both the main safety document as well as an updated Q&A in regards to CCPS safety procedures.

    What if my child cannot get online during the school day?

    Lessons will be available through recordings and other online resources.  Students in grades 3-12 have access to email so that they can ask questions of their teachers.  The teachers will respond to these questions during their duty day.

    What are the attendance expectations?

    Students will be expected to attend and engage in school both virtually and/or in person. Optimally, students should participate in classes when they are held synchronously. If students cannot meet with their teacher and class, they will be required to participate asynchronously. Students will also have asynchronous assignments. Student attendance will be determined by participation in the activities for each class a student is scheduled to take. Student attendance when attending face-to-face will be determined by the student's presence or absence on that day. Read more about virtual learning attendance on the Attendance page of our dashboard.

    JED policy link

    JED-RA regulation link

    When will a student be marked absent?

    Students who are scheduled to attend school in person will be marked absent if they do not attend on days they are scheduled to be in person. Students who are absent because they do not meet COVID-19 screening protocols or are quarantined due to COVID-19, may attend school virtually until they meet the medical requirements to return to face-to-face learning. Virtual learning attendance standards will apply. Families who have other extenuating circumstances requiring a student to attend virtually should contact their child(ren)’s principal. 

    What can elementary parents expect in terms of the actual length of time for synchronous, live instruction for small group and full group lessons?

    Additional learning time will be allowed for independent work. Times may vary for each lesson based upon teacher judgment:
    ○ PS-K: 10-15 minutes
    ○ Grade 1: 15-20 minutes
    ○ Grades 2 and 3: 15-30 minutes
    ○ Grade 4 and 5: 25-40 minutes

    Middle School: alternating days synchronous/asynchronous

    High School: 80-minute blocks; 40/40 synchronous/asynchronous


    Where do I go if I need technology support?

    First, check out the videos on our YouTube Channel on our Virtual Learning Playlist. We have a number of short video tutorials that may answer your question. If you do not find your answer there, questions during the school day should be directed to your child's teacher/school first as they can provide direct support. Password issues need to be directed to your child's school. If the school was not able to resolve your issue, you can submit a request through the Technology Help Desk request form. Technology Help Desk responses will occur between the hours of 4-7 pm Monday through Thursday. Depending on volume and the request, some responses will occur the next day.

    What is the plan for the students who attend the Cecil County School of Technology?

    A plan for Phase 1 will allow many seniors access to the essential equipment and resources necessary for the successful completion of their programs of study. Instructors have been advised to adjust the pacing and sequencing of their classes to “front load” theory and fundamental components while the juniors are learning remotely. In Phase 1 of the plan, not all programs will be re-entering the school building. Each program underwent a review of the curriculum and pacing to determine the appropriateness and necessity of face to face learning. The total number of students entering the building on any given day will be approximately 20% of the senior class. A schedule of instruction by program can be found here

    Will learning centers or resources be made available to help families and specifically students?

    Resources will be made available to families to support learning.  This includes tutoring services outside of the school day, independent learning activities such as ExactPath, and continued support from staff to ensure students are successful.  We are working with the community to identify other resources for families to support student learning. 

    We have provided a list of resources to the community to help families connect with support for virtual learning (space for students to engage in their virtual learning with adult supervision). We will continue to populate this list as more organizations volunteer. 

    Complete this form to have your organization considered. http://ow.ly/KOhf50B8KVD

    What do I do if I do not have internet access at my home?

    We are currently trying to secure more internet hotspots, but we have also installed external wireless antennas at schools across the county so that families who need internet access can access the school's WiFi from the school parking lot. The following locations currently have antennas and we will be adding more locations in the coming weeks.

    Conowingo Elementary, Rising Sun Middle, Rising Sun High, Cecil County School of Technology, Perryville Middle, North East Middle, Elkton High, Bohemia Manor High, Cecilton Elementary

    There are internet service providers who also offer reduced-rate service to qualifying families. Find out more about this and more on the Technology page of our dashboard.

    What do I do if I need a Chromebook?

    If your family requires a Chromebook, please contact your school’s administration.

    Will paper instructional packets be provided?

    Schools will not provide paper packets to students.  In the event that a family requires paper packets, the family will need to contact the CCPS Student Services department.

    How will students be graded?

    Students will be graded using the CCPS grading and reporting regulations, IKAE-RA and IKAE in the 2020-2021 school year.   Questions and answers for grading for both elementary and secondary students are detailed below.

    Parent Guidance for Elementary Grading and Reporting 

    Parent Guidance for Secondary Grading and Reporting

    What can I do if I am concerned about my child's ability to keep up with virtual instruction?

    Here are some examples of how you can assist your child if they need additional assistance.

    • Sign them up for tutoring by contacting your child's school.
    • Ask the school counselor to assist with "check-ins" to make certain that your child is keeping up with their workload.
    • Make the teacher(s) aware of your concern, so that they can notify you if your child is not keeping up or not participating in learning opportunities.

     Will meals still be provided for students during this time?

    View the Meals page of the Dashboard for the most up-to-date information. All families are encouraged to fill out a free and reduced meal benefit application.

    Who do I contact if I have additional questions or need further support?

    You can reach out to your child's school or you can fill out the online CCPS Support Request Form and someone will contact you. In addition, we are in the process of establishing a Help Desk that will be staffed after-hours for technical support. More information will be provided once we have the details finalized.


    Questions and Answers for Students with Disabilities

    Will more information be sent out directly related to special education parents?

    Special education teachers and building coordinators will be reaching out to families once the school year begins on September 1st. If you have specific questions, please call your school’s administration. 

    How will IEP meetings be held?

    IEP meetings will continue to be held virtually using Google Meets until all students return to school. Building Coordinators will reach out to families to schedule mutually agreed upon times.  

    How will services for special education students take place?

    Students will receive their special education services through small group or individual instruction using Blackboard Collaborate video conferencing.  Special education teachers and related service providers will collaborate with general education teachers and related service providers to coordinate schedules and will contact families directly.

    If my child was referred for special education, how will assessments be completed?  

    School Psychologists and related services providers will contact families to schedule assessments.  Assessments will be administered in the school setting following CDC guidelines.

    If my child with disabilities is due for a reevaluation, how will the re-evaluation be completed?

    School psychologists and related service providers will contact families to schedule the reevaluation assessment.  Assessments will be administered in the school setting following CDC guidelines.

    If my child with disabilities IEP includes paraprofessional assistance or support how will it be provided?

    Special Education teachers will collaborate with general education teachers to outline the ways in which paraprofessionals will support virtual instruction, executive functioning, and social-emotional support.  If your child is receiving face to face instruction, the paraprofessional will provide support in the classroom environment.