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    First, check out the videos on our YouTube Channel on our Virtual Learning Playlist. We have a number of short video tutorials that may answer your question. If you do not find your answer there, questions during the school day should be directed to your child's teacher/school first as they can provide direct support. Password issues need to be directed to your child's school. If the school was not able to resolve your issue, you can submit a request through the Technology Help Desk request form. Technology Help Desk responses will occur between the hours of 4-7 pm Monday through Thursday. Depending on volume and the request, some responses will occur the next day.

    Accessing the Internet

    External wireless antennas have been installed at schools across the county so that families who need internet access can access the school's WiFi from the school parking lot. The following locations currently have antennas and we will be adding more locations in the coming weeks. 

    Conowingo Elementary, Rising Sun Middle, Rising Sun High, Cecil County School of Technology, Perryville Middle, North East Middle, Elkton High, Bohemia Manor High, Cecilton Elementary

    Steps to connect:

    1. Visit your network settings.
    2. From the list of available networks, choose CCPS-Outdoors.
    3. When prompted, enter your CCPS username and password, click submit.
    4. If prompted, choose to Trust the certificate.
    5. You’re now connected!

    In addition, Comcast offers internet at a significantly reduced cost of internet for families who qualify: 


    Getting a Chromebook from your child's school: You can reach out to your child's school to request a Chromebook. Need contact information for your child's school? Click here for the CCPS School Directory. 

    Purchasing a Chromebook: We have been asked for recommendations for Chromebooks for personal purchase.  Unfortunately, we do not have a discounted purchase program nor can we really recommend a specific brand.   Most Chromebooks can all do the same thing - the only difference in cost is usually the features they offer such as, larger screen, a touch screen, larger memory, and a little faster processor.  All those aside, the work and activities we have students to complete require a base configuration of Chromebooks.  4gigs of RAM and a 32gig SSD is plenty for students and can last quite a while.  Sometimes you can find refurbished ones for around $200.  Be very careful from buying off of eBay, Amazon, and Walmart - make sure you buy from an authorized reseller and read the reviews of the vendor to be sure there is a solid return policy in case you need to send it back.

    Home Internet Service Tips

    Internet Tune-up:  With the closure and the demand for high-speed internet, providers have offered new plans that offer higher speeds and sometimes less cost.  This is especially important if you have not reviewed your service in awhile.  Calling sales offices can result in better offers than listed on the website.  Even if you signed a multi-year agreement, oftentimes you can make changes to your plan without extending your term.  They may also offer to upgrade your router which can help connectivity and range in your house.   Employees who have done this have reported being able to increase their speeds while keeping the same monthly payment and, in some cases, lowering their bill. 

    Explore a WIFI extender to expand coverage throughout the house.  Most providers offer a WIFI extender for purchase or rental.  Sometimes, these can be pricey but are the easiest to install.  There are 3rd party options available that help provide a strong signal throughout your home. Here is an example of what is available through Comcast.  

    Split devices across your WIFI and the WIFI-5G network in your home.  (Article)  If you have changed your router in the past few years, you most likely have an additional network with a 5G at the end, for example MyHome & MyHome-5G.  The 5G WIFI is much faster but, unfortunately, has a shorter range than the normal MyHome.  

    The best solution is to connect your streaming devices (AppleTV, Amazon Fire, Roku stick, etc), gaming systems, tablets, any smart home devices, and phones on the non-5G network - mainly because they are not as ‘important’ as your work devices.  Connect the school and work devices to the 5G side. You may be limited with the range of the 5G but adding a WIFI extender can help. Also, consider moving your router to a different location closer to the school/work devices to bring those important devices within range of the 5G network

    Splitting your devices across both wifi networks will help your experience. It will help maximize your internal speeds and benefits of your paid data service

    Hardwire when possible This is a more difficult option, but the best connectivity is a hard-wired ethernet connection.  Again, moving your router may put it in a location where it may be possible to hardwire in your devices.  You do lose the convenience of wireless, but it provides the cleanest connection

    Comcast offers internet at a significantly reduced cost of internet for families who qualify: 


    Make sure your contact information is up to date. 

    Beginning this school year, we will launch a new service in our CCPS Mobile App that will give you even more information at your fingertips.  It is critically important that all of your information is up to date.  Email addresses & phone numbers change - do not forget to share these updates with your child's school!  Make sure each school has all of the correct information so you do not miss a beat.