WL Middle School

  • The increasing pluralism of American society, coupled with the increasing need for Americans to be able to participate in the global community places new demands on students of the twenty-first century. In order for our students to succeed in the future, they will need to cultivate:

    • Effective communication skills in English and at least one other language;
    • An ability to make astute observations of global cultures;
    • An ability to apply knowledge across disciplines; and
    • An insightful evaluation of their own learning.

    The World Language Connections course will serve as a starting point for achieving these goals. Exposure to other languages and cultures will enable students to develop an appreciation for and an understanding of other people. In addition, an insight into the English language and US culture will be developed with daily connections made through comparisons to world languages and cultures. Emphasis will be given to introducing the students to the cultures and daily living practices of others in order to prepare them to interact effectively within the community.

    A secondary goal of the World Language Connections course is to provide the opportunity for students to survey the languages offered for study at the high school level in order to enable them to make an informed choice in selecting one world language for formal extended study. In this course, students will experience snapshots of a variety of languages as they acquire a number of language-learning strategies. Classes in this course will be conducted primarily in English.

    The languages presented in the Cecil County World Language Connections course are French, German, Spanish, and Chinese. These are languages offered for extended study at the high school level. An exposure to each of them will help students determine which language to study to fulfill the world language requirement for high school graduation.

    The curriculum is aligned with the National Standards for World Language Learning, the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines, and the Maryland State Content Standards for World Language. In addition, daily activities and performance tasks will correlate with and support Language Arts, Social Studies, and Math outcomes and indicators.