Contact Human Resources

  • The Human Resources staff are a team of dedicated professionals committed to providing highly qualified and productive human resources that enable the Cecil County Public Schools to fulfill its mission.


    Click on the link below for directions to our office.

    201 Booth Street, Elkton, MD 21921

    Contact the Human Resources Staff: 

    Sean Cannon Executive Director for Staff Relations & Human Resources 410-996-5440
    Joanna Zimmerman Associate Director of Human Resources 410-996-5415
    Summer Hodgson Associate Director of Human Resources 410-996-5401
    Margaret Brown Assistant in Human Resources for Office Professionals 410-996-5415
    Briane Crouse Assistant in Human Resources 410-996-5415
    Dana Crumlish Assistant Liaison For Human Resourses and Business Services 410-996-5455
    Teresa Watkins Assistant in Human Resources 410-996-5401
    Andy Malone Administrative Secretary 410-996-5415
    Rosemary Morgan Administrative Secretary 410-996-5415
    Robin Roberts Administrative Secretary 410-996-5401
    Cathy Thomas Administrative Secretary 410-996-5401