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  • What are the requirements to participate?

    • Students need to demonstrate that they have been attending virtually during our closure this past year and maintained progress in their class. Children who were not enrolled with us will be given the opportunity to enroll in the program. Once enrolled, students need to maintain good attendance and academic progress to remain eligible for the BVP.

    Is there an application process?

    • There is a requirement to attend a parent information session and then invitations to enroll will be emailed.  A review of student attendance and academics will be conducted before being accepted into the program.

    How are students selected?

    • Attendance: Students who had good attendance during our closure will be accepted.  Students who were not present a substantial portion of the time will not be considered.  
    • Academics:  Students needed to maintain academic progress during the closure this past year.  Academic progress means passing courses/earning credits in order to be promoted to the next grade. 

    What grades are eligible to participate?

    • This program is open to grades 3-12.

    Will the work be mostly synchronous or asynchronous?

    • The Blended Virtual Program will mirror that same schedule as a school with live virtual classes 5 days a week.

    Will the schedule be similar to a typical school day?

    • Yes.  Depending on the school level, the start and end times for the school day will be similar to face-to-face schools.

    Is there a cost to participate?

    • There is no cost to families.

    Is this open to only CCPS students?

    • This program is open to any student who is enrolled in Cecil County Public School.  Home school families are encouraged to check out the program and enroll.

    Will BVP students be able to participate in athletics and other activities?

    • Students will be able to participate in sports teams, clubs, and other opportunities offered through Cecil County Public Schools via their geographical home school.

    Will technology be provided?

    • All students will be provided a Chromebook.
    • Students will be provided a WIFI hotspot if necessary.

    What are the next steps if I would like my child to be considered for the BVP?

    • Complete the BVP Interest Survey.
    • Attend one of the upcoming BVP Interest Meetings that will be offered later this month. These dates are currently being finalized and will be shared with the public and also with those who complete the interest survey. 

    Who can I contact if I have additional questions?