Building Inspections

  •  CCPS Safety Inspection This inspection is conducted annually by Cecil County Public Schools Safety Officer. This consists of reviewing walkways, fall and trip hazards, signage, confined space, safety records, AHERA Files, personal protective equipment, indoor air quality, electrical safety, fire exits and fire extinguishers, lighting, and noise issues which interfere with instruction. Each year the inspection concentrates on a particular area of concern such as mold, indoor air quality, fire safety, etc.  The inspection form generally has 70 – 120 checklist items. These items have been compiled from a combination of insurance inspections, Maryland and Occupational Safety and Health regulations, EPA safe school literature, the National Safety Council and the Maryland Association of Boards of Education. Frequently specific items are checked at the request of school administrators or Operations staff.

    Peril Inspection  MABE (Maryland Association of Boards of Education) manages an annual inspection program of school owned facilities. The purpose of this program is to identify hazards associated with a specific facility that may increase the potential for a loss to occur, provide corrective recommendations, and track any changes made as a result.

    CCPS Building Cleanliness Inspection This inspection is conducted during the fall and spring of each year by the Assistants in Facilities for Operations. The purpose of this inspection is to evaluate overall cleanliness, general maintenance, and general safety issues. The scores of each inspection is monitored and measured each year. The results of this inspection are an indicator of training needs and an evaluation of employee performance.

    IAC Inspection The Public School Construction Program (PSCP) performs an annual maintenance inspection in a sampling of schools in each jurisdiction. The purpose of the inspection is to ascertain the level and quality of maintenance being performed in these buildings.