• The Maintenance Department strives to provide and maintain a secure, safe and comfortable learning environment for the students and staff of Cecil County Public Schools. A sampling of our services are; facility inspections, compliance requirements, emergency response, indoor air quality testing, hazardous waste disposal management, maintaining and trouble-shooting mechanical systems, equipment and vehicles and maintaining grounds and preparing athletic fields for sports events.

    • EM: Emergency Priority: Items considered to be critical to building security or detrimental to the health and safety of the students and staff will be acknowledged within 1 – 2 hours (a follow- up telephone call is necessary for all emergency requests). In addition, a work order should be submitted.
    • High Priority: Health and safety items will receive a #1 priority. Items in this category are targeted to be completed within 10 days.
    • Medium Priority: These requests are not considered critical but are important to the operation of the school.  Items in this category are targeted to be completed within 30 days.
    • Low Priority: If time and budget allow, these items will be completed within 90 days.
    • Budgetary Items: The request is too costly or extensive to cover in the year’s operating budget. The item requested should either be a capital budget request or an operating budget request for the next fiscal year.
  • Preventative Maintenance

    Action taken by users, operators, and maintenance personnel to prevent more expensive repair or replacement, or disruptive breakdown; and, to maintain facilities and equipment in the best condition as feasibly possible.

    Scheduled Repairs

    Activities which involve significantly greater effort and expenditure than preventative maintenance to maintain a facility in good condition.  These repairs generally occur at or near the expected life of an item or system.

    Unscheduled Repairs

    Repairs to correct unforeseen malfunctions, failures, and breakdowns in buildings, building systems and equipment, and grounds. It includes day-to-day normally occurring malfunctions.  Activities are usually initiated as a result of work requests received through

    Vandalism and Security Related Repairs

    Repairs necessary to restore some portion of a facility to its original condition – or as near as feasible – after it has been damaged or destroyed by vandals.

    Modernization and Alterations

    Activities directed toward improving the building’s existing condition, or to better adapt, through modifications and alterations, the building's configuration, possibly due to increased staff or additional instructional programs.


  • Temperature range for occupied space should be 72-78°F in the cooling months and 68-72°F in the heating months.

  • Thomas VanDyke
    Associate Director of Facilities
    (Maintenance & Operations)

    Chris Swank
    Manager of Facilities


    Brian Rimel
    Manager of Facilities


    Keith Paylor
    Assistant in Facilities