• Language Access Services iSpeak CCPS

    Welcome to Cecil County Public Schools’ language access solution. The purpose of iSpeak CCPS is to provide equitable communication between our schools and our families, regardless of the language they speak. Here you will find information about resources available to you.

  • iSpeak CCPS Language Access Cards

    To the right you will find links to language access cards. These wallet-size cards can be downloaded or printed. They are also available in schools when you register your child. Use your iSpeak CCPS card when you visit schools and need an interpreter.


    • Find and click on your language below. Then, you can do one of the following:
    • Print the document. Cut out the card and fold it in half to carry in your wallet and use it to request language assistance.
    • Download the pdf directly to your phone and save it for use when you enter a school and need to request language assistance. 
    • Take a screenshot of the card and save it to your phone to use when needed.
    • Pick up a copy at your child’s school. 

    Be sure to keep both sides of the card when you print or take a photo in order to ensure meaningful two-way communication.


    When visiting schools:

    Present your iSpeak CCPS card to the office staff when you enter the school. They will use our Language Line services to request an interpreter to facilitate two-way communication. 

    Arabic العربية
    Chinese 汉语   
    French FRANÇAIS 
    Portuguese PORTUGUÊS 
    Russian РУССКОМ 
    Spanish ESPAÑOL
    Tagalog TAGALOG 
    Turkish TÜRKÇE 
    Vietnamese TIẾNG VIỆT    

  • Two-way Messaging with Talking Points

    If your child receives English Language Services (EL Services), then you will also be able to communicate using our Talking Points app via your cell phone. Once enrolled, your EL Teacher will reach out to you via the mobile number on file to initiate communication and begin sharing important news with you.