What is Career and Technical Education?

    • Career and Technical Education (CTE) is not vocational education; it is so much more! Students enrolled in CTE Programs of Study experience challenging and rigorous curriculum that prepares them to attend four-year colleges/universities, trade schools, or enters the workforce with viable skill sets that employers are looking for in employees.

      The CTE programs offer students the ability to earn articulated college credit and/or nationally or state-recognized industry certifications depending on the program. Students enhance the use of their academic skills sets while learning how to specifically apply these skills to perfect a trade for which they are passionate. Students enrolled in CTE programs are experiencing the real-life application of the knowledge they have been acquiring throughout their schooling. The value-added of the articulation of college credit and licenses and certifications equates to saving money in future schooling.

      Students learn what it means to persevere through the times when the curriculum is challenging and the importance of working as a team with all of their classmates.