Bids & Proposals




    CCPS Bid# 22-10: Elk Neck Elem. Secure Entrance - Notice To Contractors

    CCPS RFP# 22-09: Special Education Services - In Evaluation Phase

    CCPS Bid# 22-08: Student Transportation Services

    CCPS Bid 22-06: Wi-Fi Upgrades FY22

    CCPS 22-07: BMHS Cooling Tower Chiller Poject- In Evaluation Phase



    CCPS Bid 22-05: BMHS Cooling Tower Chiller Project

    • All bids rejected due to budget constraints

    CCPS Bid 22-04: Food Sanitation Services & Cleaning Program

    CCPS Bid 22-03: Heating Fuel Oil

    CCPS Bid 22-02: Diesel Fuel for Buses and Generators

    CCPS Bid #22-01: Bread and Rolls

    CCPS RFP #21-07: Propane Fueling Station

    CCPS RFQ #21-01: Architectural and Engineering Design Services - due date reached. No new RFQ's accepted

    CCPS RFP #21-02: Food Related Cafeteria Products

    CCPS PFP #21-03 Leeds Elementary School Boiler Replacement Project

    CCPS RFP #21-04: Athletic Trainer Program Services

    CCPS RFP #21-05: 2021 Summer School Afternoon Extension

    CCPS RFP #21-06 ASC Transformer and Power Feed Upgrade

    CCPS Bid 21-08: Stop Loss - Medical and Prescriptions

    CCPS Bid 21-09: Perryville High School New Field House Project 

    • All bid rejected due to budget contstraints 

    CCPS Bid 21-10: Bohemia Manor High School Packaged Heat Pump Replacement Project

    CCPS RFP #20-09: Professional Development and Ongoing Embedded Coaching for Staff and Students with Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities

    CCPS RFP #20-13: Employee Health Care Plan -PPO

    CCPS RFP # 20-14: Employee Health Care Plan - PBM

    CCPS RFP #20-10: Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) Consulting Services

    CCPS RFP #20-08: Computer Adapted Student Testing System

    CCPS RFP #20-07: Materials Inspection & Testing Services For Chesapeake City Elementary Schools

    CCPS RFP #20-03: Milk and Dairy Products for School Cafeterias 

    CCPS RFP #19-20: Stop Loss

    CCPS # 20-01: Therapy, Nursing and School- Based Professional Service

    CCPS RFP #19-19: Automated Transportation Routing Software

    CCPS ITB# 19-18 Drivers' Education Classroom Instruction

    CCPS RFP# 19-17 Perryville High School - New Field House Construction

    CCPS Bid# 19-16 Wi-Fi Upgrades for FY20

    CCPS Bid# 19-15 Leased Lit Fiber Internet Access

    CCPS RFP# 19-14 Secure Entrances at Multiple Sites

    CCPS PFP #19-13: Chesapeake City Elementary School - School Replacement Project

    CCPS RFP# 19-12 Cherry Hill Middle School - Exterior Doors and Windows Replacement Project

    CCPS RFP# 19-11 School Portraits and Yearbooks

    CCPS Bid# 19-10 External Auditor Services

    CCPS Bid# 19-09 Propane

    CCPS RFP# 19-07 Food Storage and Delivery

    CCPS RFQ# 19-06 Architectural and Engineering Consulting Services

    CCPS RFP# 19-05 Copy Paper

    CCPS PFP # 19-04 Basic Life, ADD and Voluntary Life Insurance

    CCPS PFP # 19-03 Paving Expansion Project

    CCPS PFP # 19-02 Custodial Paper

    CCPS PFP # 19-01 Stop Loss- Medical and Prescription Notice to Proposers

    • Board Approval

    CCPS PFP # 18-27: Security Upgrades Project - Rising Sun High School

    CCPS PFP # 18-26: Security Upgrades Project - Perryville High School

    CCPS PFP # 18-25: Security Upgrades Project - Kenmore Elementary School

    CCPS PFP # 18-24: Security Upgrades Project - Elkton Middle School

    CCPS PFP # 18-21 Consultant to Implement Restorative Pratices Protocols 

    CCPS PFP # 18-19 Elk Neck Elementary School Partial Roof Replacement

    CCPS BID # 18-18 Architectural / Engineering Services for Perryville High School - New Fieldhouse 

    CCPS BID # 18-17 Gilpin Manor Elementary School Asbestos Abatement Project

    CCPS BID # 18-16 VAV Box Replacement and Domestic Water Piping Upgrade Project

    CCPS PFP # 18-15 Athletic Trainer Program Services

    CCPS BID # 18-14 Bohemia Manor MS/HS Roof Replacement Project

    CCPS BID # 18-13 Providence School Roof Replacement Project

    CCPS Bid # 18-12 Lit Fiber Solution for Two Schools.

    CCPS Bid # 18-11 CMES Water Main Extensio Project

    CCPS Bid# PFP 18-10: Boiler Replacement Project at Perryville High Schools

    CCPS Bid# PFP 18-09: Boiler Replacement Project at Conowingo Elementary School

    CCPS Bid# PFP 18-08: Boiler Replacement Project at Rising Sun Elementary School

    CCPS Bid # 18-07 Employee Health Care Plan -Vision

    CCPS Bid # 18-06 Employee Health Care Plan -PBM

    CCPS Bid # 18-05 Employee Health Care Plan -PPO Medicomp

    CCPS Bid # 18-04 Diesel Fuel

    CCPS Bid # 18-03 Bohemia Manor/Providence Roof Replacement

    CCPS Bid # 18-02 Elevator Controller Repl Project

    CCPS Bid # 18-01 Bread and Rolls

    CCPS Bid # 17-14: Refuse Removal

    CCPS Bid #17-12: Stop Loss - Medical and Prescription

    CCPS Bid #17-11: Locker Room Renovation _ NEHS_Girls

    CCPS Bid #17-10: Cecil Manor ES Roof Replacement Project

    CCPS Bid #17-09: LED Fixtures and Energy Rebates

    CCPS RFP #17-08: Employee Health Care Plan - HMO

    CCPS RFP #17-07: Employee Health Care Plan - Dental

    CCPS Bid #17-06: Student Transportation Services

    CCPS Bid #17-05: Asphalt Paving at G. W. Carver Center

    CCPS Bid #17-04: Food Related Products

     CCPS Bid #17-03: Fuel Oil, #2 Heating Oil

     CCPS PFP #17-01: Gilpin Elementary School - School Replacement School

     CCPS Bid #17-02: Custodial Cleaning Dilution System Chemicals