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    On the go snacks

    Don’t have time to eat a healthy snack?  Here are a few on–the-go snack ideas:

    Dry bite size whole grain cereal Apple Banana Carrots
    Roasted pumpkin seeds Red peppers Granola bar Yogurt
    Almonds, cashews, or other unsalted nuts Trail mix Popcorn Grapes
    String cheese or pre-cut cheese slices Dehydrated fruit Raisins Edamame
    Cherry or grape tomatoes Hard boiled egg Travel pack tuna fish Pretzels
    Cut vegetables Hummus Pita Chips Salsa


    Most of these items are packaged to grab-and-go, while others require a small amount of preparation.  Some convenience stores sell pre-packaged snacks. 

    Helpful Tips:

    · Cut, measure, and package enough fruits and vegetables to last several days.

    · Create on-the-go packages by chopping a few extra servings of vegetables and/or fruit while preparing your evening meal.

    · Create a bin in your pantry or cupboard for dry snacks.  Empty the boxes of individually wrapped items and add your pre-packaged dry items all into one bin.