Continuing Education Credit Opportunity

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    A Quick Course in Quality Service-Learning (Online)

    Provider:  MSDE 
    Dates:   February 20 - April 2, 2019
    Credit:  2 MSDE Continuing Professional Development Credits #16-00-30R
    Course Fee:  $175 plus non-refundable $25 Registration fee with a non-refundable 3% bank processing fee
    Description:  Service-Learning can be a dynamic instructional strategy that can help transform classrooms into real-life learning labs. 
    Explore how you can use this methodology to teach existing course content, improve students' academic engagement and performance, and make your community stronger.
    Registration Closes February 2, 2019:
    Please email enrollment requests/questions to:
    Comments from previous students:
    • This course really opened my eyes to what service-learning can be. I have had students complete service-learning projects in the past that I now see were not of high quality.  A quality project takes time to develop, but the students can get so much out of should be worth it. I feel like all teachers should be required to take a course like this one, especially if they are helping students earn service-learning credit for graduation.
    • I will recommend this (course) to co-workers looking for useful information beyond their content area that will serve to make them more effective educators.
    It is recommended that you check into the course daily, at least briefly, during the six weeks (although you can work ahead and not log on every day, at times).  The daily check in helps you keep abreast of conversations occurring in the online discussion forums for the course. Generally, you can expect to spend about 5-6 hours a week completing online assignments, readings, and homework.