Any student ineligible to participate in athletics may appeal his/her ineligibility to the Eligibility Committee. The student must submit an appeal in writing to their building principal within two (2) schools days after he/she has been declared ineligible and has unsuccessfully completed an approved CCPS Grade Reinstatement Program. The Principal will review all submitted appeals and make a determination as to whether they merit submission to the Eligibility Committee.

    Eligibility Committee:

    The committee responsible for hearing appeals will be composed of the six (6) high school principals and the (1) Coordinator of Athletics. The Eligibility Committee shall meet no later than the fifth day after the grade reinstatement period has ended. The Eligibility Committee’s decisions are final in cases of appeals. 

    The Eligibility Committee will make one of two decisions:

    1. If the student had a circumstance occur beyond their control that caused the failing grade(s), the committee may grant eligibility.
    2. If the student was able to control their circumstance that caused the failing grade(s), the committee will determine the student to remain ineligible.