• What is BEPAC?

    The Business Education Partnership Advisory Council (BEPAC) is an organization which serves as a sounding board to the Superintendent of Schools for Cecil County to identify strengths, needs, and trends in the area of job readiness and student success upon graduation from high school. Our mission is to promote quality education in the Cecil County Public Schools, to prepare students to meet job market needs, select satisfying careers, and be good citizens in our community. The collective talents of the organization (compromised of industrial, technology, financial, retail, and manufacturing representatives in our region) provide an invaluable resource to the support of Cecil County students’ preparation for the world of work in the twenty-first century.  When representatives from businesses, community organizations, local government, and public education come together in support of children, the outcome not only affects classroom learning TODAY, but the long-term result is a better future for students and our county as whole TOMORROW.

    How do I join? 

    BEPAC has a nominal annual membership fee. With a membership, your organization representative may identify an area of focus in which he or she may be interested. These focus areas are represented by three committees: 
    • STEM Advisory

    • Classroom Partnership Grants

    • Membership Engagement 

    You don’t just want a financial contribution; what’s the catch? 

    Financial resources are great for short term projects and activities, but our vision is broader. We are also looking for human resources. Are you willing to allow students and teachers into your business to experience a working environment? Meet with teacher candidates to validate the quality of life Cecil County can offer its employees? Collaborate with other businesses to define the job skills and future trends the marketplace will demand of today’s students as tomorrow’s job pool? A small commitment of time can make a big difference with young people who are faced with critical decisions regarding career choices. 

    As a member what kind of time commitment should I anticipate? 

    The BEPAC Executive Committee understands the many time commitments upon working professionals like yourself. Therefore, BEPAC adheres to a one-hour bi-monthly meeting of its general membership, held on the fourth Wednesday of each month. The meeting is usually held at the Cecil County Public Schools George Washington Carver Education Leadership Center at 201 Booth Street, Elkton, MD. Committee meetings for activity planning are held at the discretion of the committee in coordination with the Chairperson. BEPAC members are often invited, and always encouraged, to attend recognition ceremonies, public information releases, and other special events.

    How will my involvement with a committee really impact students?

    BEPAC isn’t designed "for students and schools.” Its purpose is “with students and schools.” An organization or business can choose from a broad spectrum of participative activities which can take businesses directly into the classroom through Speaker Bureaus and career exploration activities, or bring the classroom into the business through externships and job shadowing opportunities.

    Opportunities to Impact

    • STEM/Project Lead the Way Mentor for student Capstone Projects

    • Classroom Speaker

    • Partner in Education – Partner with a school!

    • Internship Hosts

    • Preakness Sponsorship – Proceeds benefit Classroom Partnership Grants

    • AIM High Drop Out Prevention Mentors

    • New Teacher Reception - Welcome New Teachers to Cecil County