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Policy areas of the Blueprint

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Early Childhood Education​

Recognizing that the early years are the most critical period for brain development and setting the foundation for lifelong learning and achievement, the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future emphasizes equitable early education opportunities that prepare all children for school and overall success. Investment in high-quality early childhood education and learning experiences will mean more equitable opportunities for children across the state to succeed as they begin their school careers. With studies proving the academic benefits of pre-kindergarten, the Blueprint expands full-day pre-k access so that all children are ready to learn and excel in kindergarten.

High Quality and Diverse Teachers and Leaders

Recognizing that quality educators are key to student success, the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future seeks to re-establish the teaching profession. The Blueprint specifically calls for the implementation of a career ladder with increases in salaries for teachers on various steps in the ladder, while also increasing the rigor and depth of teacher preparation programs in an effort to attract and retain the highest performing teachers. 

College and Career Readiness

Creating a World Class Instructional System: An internationally benchmarked curriculum that enables most students to achieve “college- and career-ready” status by the end of tenth grade and then pursue pathways that include early college, Advanced Placement courses, and/or a rigorous technical education leading to industry-recognized credentials and high-paying jobs.

Resources to Ensure All Students are Successful

With its emphasis on equity and closing deeply entrenched achievement gaps, the Blueprint stresses availability and access to resources to ensure that all students are successful. Embedded within the Blueprint for this area are increases in funding for special education and English learner students. The Blueprint also calls for the expansion of community schools, a program focused on schools with high concentrations of poverty that provide needed social services, before‑ and after‑school and summer academic programs, and expanded student access to school-based health services.

Governance and Accountability

The Blueprint emphasises the work needed to ensure the successful implementation and evaluation of the legislation’s programs and initiatives. The goal of the Kirwan Commission was to “establish a mechanism to ensure excellence for all through governance and accountability,” with the establishment of the new Accountability and Implementation Board (AIB). This seven-member board is charged with overseeing the comprehensive implementation of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future.