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Textbook Review Council

Charge:  The charge of the Textbook Review Council is to review and endorse textbooks and e-books that serve as textbooks, recommended by the textbook selection committee before final presentation to the Board of Education.

Membership:  Under the direction of the Associate Superintendent for Education Services, the Textbook Review Council will be chaired by one Executive Director.  The Associate Superintendent will select a committee that has both cultural and gender diversity from the cadre of qualified nominees to include:

*Executive Director Secondary Dr. David Foye
Board Member Renee Dixon
2 Representatives Per School Parent Rep Staff Rep
Bainbridge Elementary Becca Sturgill Kristin Houghton
Bay View Elementary Brittney Eisner Stephanie Walsh
Calvert Elementary Amy McDowell
Cecil Manor Elementary Shunte Fleurimont Steve Luthultz
Cecilton Elementary Amy Miller Beth Klopp
Charlestown Elementary Marianna Enydei Kayla Sommers
Chesapeake City Elementary   Nicki Pizzulli Telsche Marino
Conowingo Elementary   Nicole Schantz MaryAnn Guarneri
Elk Neck Elementary   Tabitha Tahaney Kaitlyn DiPietro
Gilpin Manor Elementary   Christine Andrews Misty Pearson
Holly Hall Elementary   Karleen O'Brien Karen Dolphin
Kenmore Elementary   Lisa Watt Paula Webster
Leeds Elementary   LeeAnna Fullis Lynn Moran
North East Elementary   Corin Culver Jenae Sieben
Perryville Elementary   Paula Choplick Domenique Broyles
Rising Sun Elementary   Debby Hubbard
Thomson Estates Elementary   Charles Hall
Bohemia Manor Middle Elizabeth Bandy Brittany Brodo
Cherry Hill Middle   Brad  Mericle Megan Buranen
Elkton Middle Karleen O'Brien-McCann Anna Smith
North East Middle Jackie O'Reilly Morgan Bowen

Perryville Middle

Barbara McLaughlin

Heather Campbell 

Donna Steck

Rising Sun Middle Joshua Huegel Kate Ulmer
Bohemia Manor High Amanda Lynn Wendy Wilcox
Elkton High Kim Troiani Alison Hapka
North East High Meg Rubinstein Kendra Hannum
Perryville High Cynthia Yancey James Dugan
Rising Sun High Grace Amoretti Tamara Anderson

The Textbook Review Council reviewed the proposed texts listed below:

2023-2024:  There are no textbooks to be reviewed at this time.