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Retirement Planning

If you are planning to retire within the next year, now is the time to begin the process to meet your goal.  A CCPS Retirement Coordinator is available throughout the year to assist you with this process; however, there are steps you should take now to ensure your goal is reached. 

One year prior to retirement, you should

  • Complete and submit an Application for Estimate of BenefitsKeep in mind this form is not an application for retirement, it is for planning purposes.  The average wait time for an Estimate of Benefits is 8 - 10 weeks and the estimate will be mailed directly to you.

  • Apply to Purchase Eligible ServiceEligible service may include previous employment with the State of Maryland, an out-of-state public or non-public school if you were a teacher, federal government, and/or post-secondary school if you were a teacher.

  • Apply for any eligible military credit by submitting a Claim of Retirement Credit for Military Service. Military service may include membership in a reserve component of the Armed Forces on active duty, military training that interrupts a member’s service, or membership in the Maryland National Guard.

  • Whether or not you are eligible, or plan to receive your Social Security benefits at the time of retirement from CCPS, you should contact the nearest Social Security office for an estimate of your Social Security benefits. You can obtain an estimate request form by contacting the Social Security Administration or

Three to six months prior to retirement

  • Schedule an appointment with a Cecil County Public Schools' (CCPS) retirement coordinator. During this appointment, a retirement coordinator will also review the Estimate of Benefits, retiree healthcare and CCPS requirements for retirement.

  • You may want to discuss your estimated benefits/options with your family and financial adviser.

  • Prepare a retirement budget that can assist you in making financial decisions.  A retirement budget may include an estimate of your retirement expenses against your State pension benefit, Social Security and other sources of income.

Three months prior to retirement

  • You can contact the Social Security Administration or Eligibility to begin receiving Social Security benefits may begin as early as age 62. 

  • If you will be 65 or older at the time of retirement, you also need to file for Medicare.  Please contact your local Social Security office to sign up for Medicare.

Two months prior to retirement

  • Return all completed Maryland State Pension System forms and Cecil County Public Schools forms to the Benefits Office.  All forms should be returned no later than May 22, for a July 1 retirement. 

The Benefits Office is available to assist you in completing these forms.  All State Pension and Retirement System forms can be obtained by visiting or contacting the Benefits Office at 410-996-5415.

State Retirement and Pension System of Maryland

State Retirement and Pension System of Maryland (SRPS) Website
The SRPS website offers useful information such as SRPS Benefits Handbook, Active Employee SRPS Benefits, Active and Retiree Newsletters and Retiree SRPS Benefits.

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Questions?  Contact the Benefits Office at or 410-996-5415.